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might sound like a stupid question but is it just me or have blizzard dropped the legendary drop rate alot lower?
the past 3 days iv played consistently for about few hours a night and only 2 legends have dropped each night at mp8 and im level 73 paragon..

have they dropped the rate or am i really THAT unlucky??
i think the estimate was 1/1000 items if you have 0 MF. but i could be mistaken. before they doubled the drop rate it was something like 1/2500 or so.

MF helps
yeah MF does help but its so frustrating not getting anything at paragon level 73.
but have they recently decreased the rate? would anyone know? :S
I've cleared entire Acts in MP10 with no legendary drops. RNG is RNG?
RNG? sorry mate, no good with abreviations :P
oh random number generator lol. yeah i guess... but is anyone else having this problem? :S
i gotta go to bed but ill check this in the morning, interested to see more comments.
thanks guys :)
bad luck maybe? last night i got 3 legendarys in 20mins... i heard a rumor it can be where you play and what server you are playing... just a rumor
Why is this question always entertained by people? There is a topic about this at least every other day.
random is random.

If they lower drop rates, we will all know!!!
Rng Is Rng And It Was On My Side Yesterday. Got 10 Leg In 2 HRs Of Farming FoM only.
This route is well documented and yields me a steady supply of 10-20 per day.

Act 1:

Halls Level 2
Clear Cemetery and 1st level of all Tombs//
Weeping Hollow on 5 stacks
Fields of Misery on 5 stacks

If you run on MP10, you will get legend drops even w/o 5 stacks in Weeping Hollow and Fields. You can adjust for your playstyle. The above complete run also yields quite a bit of xp...especially if you are quick and wearing hellfire/rad star ruby helm.

Hope this helps.

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