what happened with locust swarm?

Witch Doctor
it was pretty rarely used before but now it's gotten a lot more popular. I don't see any changes to it, what's new with locusts?
Constant damage to everything coming to you while you're channeling CoB. It can also be used to gain a ton of mana back.
What Sun Tzu said. it is a good companion to COB as you don't want to interrupt COB casting. So cast locust first then COB.
it makes ALOT of monster come to you, even monster off screen. soo its easier for COB :D
Locust Swarm is a utility spell. Great at being a mana generator with big groups, and is excellent at prepping the battlefield with DOT damage, as well as being able to pull mobs to you. All in all a good spell to have.
I use it mostly for pulling mobs to me, though I'm new to this WD thing.

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