Still no Team Deathmatch. I want a refund.

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OP Here. My Support ticket answer:

Hi there,

This is Game Master Gariswar and I will be assisting you today.

Please be advised that we will not be able to provide you a refund for Diablo 3, as again this was purchased over a year ago and the game was played and used. I understand your sentiment in regards to a feature not being implemented, however we are not able to refund the purchase based on a feature that was not implemented into the release of the game.

Additionally, customer support is not able to provide further insight into your discussion regarding false advertising. You are welcome to contact our legal offices, however please keep in mind that they will not be able to refund the game price to you.

I appreciate you contacting us, and if you need any additional assistance please reply to this ticket.

I just sent in my ticket revoking all EULA for this game and any other games I have with Battlenet as well as requesting all personal information Deleted. This is my last post.

Fellow gamers good bye its been fun. have disgusted me for the last time.

Buh bye
Reading over the thread it is apparent people think the Brawling is PvP. It isn't. It is a placate that was given because people constantly would ask for some way to kill another player, so they were given Brawling while they work on PvP. If you don't like that then find another game.

To those thinking it's false advertising, we were told BEFORE the game launched that there would be no PvP. After launch Blizzard made a rather lengthy post stating that PvP wasn't at a level that they liked and decided to scrap it (this is where Brawling came from). It is in no way false advertising. No court would award you money on a law suit based on a feature that didn't make it into a game before it was released. Every game has content cut from it before release.

Blizzard won't charge you for the PvP patch. They have out right said that. Also do some math, PvP will be patch 1.1. Expansion increase the major patch number, meaning 2.0.
Another post Blues refuse to answer for some reason or another.
They avoid the topic like the plague, so I'm guessing we have been LIED to and won't ever get it
It shouldn't be an "Arena system" like WoW where its so organized/competitive... They should just have casual fun PvP Team Deathmatch or something where its just team with most kills wins atleast... I find it funny that the Video in the "About Diablo3" section of the website still talks about D3 getting PvP BGs or Arenas...
You can get your money back if you like them:
I just sent in my ticket revoking all EULA for this game and any other games I have with Battlenet as well as requesting all personal information Deleted. This is my last post.

Fellow gamers good bye its been fun. have disgusted me for the last time.

Aha. I don't know how to interpret this. Let me try:
They are more likely to provide refund based on problem with a feature, that was implemented into the game at release, but when they have failed to implement a major feature for a whole year, it's the fault of the player and he's not entitled to a refund...

They tell you:
"There's no Arena yet, but keep playing, you'll be better prepared for battle".

Then after what is soon to be fourteen months they have still failed to implement the arenas. You ask:
"Why are there still missing features?! I want a refund!"

And they tell you:
"Oh, you played the game already. Doesn't matter, that you didn't got the feature we advertised, we can't refund based on a feature we never implemented."

What is most laughable is that they have failed to deliver for fourteen months and yet they say it in a manner as if it's all perfectly OK and in the order of things.
They basically tricked you into playing and then all of a sudden it's your fault for expecting an advertised feature to make it into the game.
What a scam. The level of insolence makes me smile and even laugh IRL, cause it's really it's a level I've never expected from Blizzard Entertainment...

Can't say anything about this. We are all scapegoats, just many of us are still playing tricks with our own eyes in this falsified realm called D3.
What I don't get is, you have a level 60 character and a clean account.

Sell the damn thing to someone. I'm sure a botter would love to have it.
@ the OP, if you think you're so entitled to you're refund, then sue blizzard, Im sure their lawyers will show you the fine print AND terms of agreement you agreed to upon purchasing the game. if you're to ignorant to see that its in front of you're face, then i feel sorry for you. if this was a case of false advertisement, its been a year and no lawsuits have been filled against blizzard. its just like demanding a refund on a burger from burger king because it doesn't look as it was advertised on TV.
stupidity is all i see here, you demand things but don't know what terms you agreed upon when purchasing the game. welcome to america, people get screwed over everyday by the FINE print. tip for you, ALWAYS READ FINE PRINT.
I wants your account buddy :p
i actually want a hc account :o

but yea I feel you I've been waiting for it too... not sure whats up -.-
send me info with friend invite ig :)
Alright some good insight I have for you all now!

I have looked for and found my official Diablo 3 physical product box that I got from purchasing the game. I am sure the digital version has similar disclaimers somewhere. The top of the box says in fine print:

"The use of this software product is subject to the terms of the End User License Agreement available at, and subject to the Diablo III Terms of Use and the Terms of Use."

Then on the EULA link when you go to the website it says:

"Service and Terms of Use.
The Terms of Use agreement governs all aspects of game play. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use, then (a) you may not register for an Account to play the Game; and (b) you may call 1-800-592-5499 within thirty (30) days after the original purchase and request a full refund of the purchase price. Once you accept the License Agreement and the Terms of Use, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. "




"Blizzard may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Game at any time. Blizzard may also impose limits on certain features or restrict your access to parts or all of the Game without notice or liability."

Now I know the EULA is not impossible to get around in court, but like I said it really would be an uphill battle to win this case with all of this stacked against you. You have even less of a chance since there is ambiguity in the statement regarding post launch.
Can't imagine why anyone thought PvP would be worthwhile in an aRPG. It stunk to high heavens in D2 and it was obvious that it would stink in D3 just by how poorly they handled crits.
D2 PvP was just awful, seriously.

D2 PvP was just awful, seriously.

Yeah I would agree with that.

Still they outdid themselves and added an even worse and more limited PvP type in D3, thats really something.

Also 13 years have passed, I would believe that the most powerful game company in the world, with the best game designers in the industry, would be able to create at least a half-decent PvP system after 7 years of development but I think that their minds melted at the process.
07/02/2013 09:04 AMPosted by Noxifer
So I can commit all manner of scams as long as the scammed can't "prove intent"? By following the same logic can I actually start committing other type of crimes, again claiming they were not premeditated and I never intended to commit them?

I was talking about intent and it has to be there. When someone said about knowingly being misleading, then it is intentional. Even when it was said the person advertising the product should've known it was misleading. Again if it is obviously misleading it shows intent.

How can you do that with a final iteration that did not exist. The last iteration before they stopped working on the arena. Did we ever see anything new about the arena after the first showing of it? I am sure that you know that video games are a constant process of iteration.

But if it disturbs you that much here is what we should do. Get in touch with our congressmen, senators and have Congress pass a law where it will be illegal for a gaming company to make any and I do mean any changes to their game after the first showing. They cannot add anything or remove anything. The ones that do will be seen as a big scammer. That first showing will have to be the final iteration before launch. Now does that fix the problem.

I guess then that would you would not hear news about new games at all. The only thing you would know is that a company would be working on game x and it would not be out until y date. But you would not know anything at all about it. Because any information about it would be the same as signing a legal binding contract. So the public would get their first showing by buying the game. I guess that everyone can live with that right.
3 Words: Custom Map Editor.
07/01/2013 11:22 AMPosted by MajorPain
If that is the case, I wouldn't buy and discourage every single gamer I know to buy it. They already promised this content in the original game. Why should we trust them yet again?

They've 'promised' (read: not really promised) a lot of content that never saw the light of day in WoW, you don't see people saying they want a refund for not having the Dance Studio or Path of the Titans implemented in the game now do you?

Stop acting like an entitled brat and grow up.

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