From Cm wizz to DH

Demon Hunter
Wanted to try out DH and so glad i did i havent played to much with the dh yet but im haveing a blast playing DH the skill diversity is awsome being able to just use almost any skill, im just curious though does anyone actually play like ranged/kiteing? i try to but i end up just being upclose to everything and due to the ll wf gives me it makes it that much more easy to do that.
Here is a very easy setup from my sex buddy DiEoxidE.

It requires a cold SoJ with a relavant skill bonus (prefer hungering arrow), hungering arrow quiver. This is probably the easiest offensive ranged setup I know of.

Edit: You don't need to moonwalk like DieoxidE but it should give you some ideas of how to play.
Dh & cm wiz combo :). Welcome!

There are some windforce build out there. Strong arm would also add knockback, same with scoundrel.

Check pewpewtiutiu's windforce of the forums longest serving windforce user.

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