Need help breaking 200k dps

Witch Doctor
As the title say's I need a little help on my dps and still trying to bump my health up to 50k and im also short a little resist. Anyway all help is welcome and thanks you taking a look :)
*You can get a better Skorn and put a Marquise gem in it.
*Better Gems overall
*Better bracers, maybe Lacuni
*If you have a few hundred mil upgrade that tal's ammy
* Likewise to above, if you have a few hundred mill you can squeeze some more dps with a higher CHC pox

Overall though, i'd work in some more EHP before focusing on more dps.
Yea I have a few 100mill just trying to see what all I can pull off I know it might be a little bit before I can upgrade my gems.

1. easiest way is probably boosting your skorn... the missing potentially 60% cd on the skorn is the biggest gap i see...

2. craft gloves.. but it might be expensive or it could be dirt cheap depending on your luck...

3. you'll can get up to 70 int on both your marrow chest/vision. sort of marginal though and not that great for the money.

4. ring upgrades.

but i also have the same recommendation... 170k dmg is good... ehp might wanna be the first thing you upgrade.
want to hit 200k get a tal chest.
you are looking good gear wise i would stay away from lacuni bracers, atk speed isn't what you want on a WD.
you may do more damage with a 1hander mojo combo
Option 1.... ditch the skorn and go 1 handed with thing of deep. It will give you at least 8 CC and over 110 mana. This will also help your radius for Grusome and Grave Injustice to pick up globes much easier. Weapon can be Jummas knife or any nice 1 hander with intell, natural CD(50-60%), a socket and LS. Jummas knife will be cheaper though and it automatically comes with LS. Other one handers will cost more cause the LS drives up the price on anything with 1000+ DPS with decent stats.

Option 2..... Jummas weapon and mojo... get a weapon with at least 900 DPS(which aren't too expensive) and 95% or higher CD, slap a ruby or emeral in it and a Jummas mojo with 6 CC or more and average damage of 220 or so. The pair will give u an additional 130 intell. The weapon alone gives 170 or more intel. So you will have the same intel or higher than Skorn cause this doesn't count the intell from the mojo. So 170 from weapon(minimum), 100 or more from mojo, CC and 130 bonus from the Jummas set. You can be at 400 intell easy or as high as 450(depending on stats on weapon and mojo. Plus speed will faster. You're CD will drop about 30-50% depending on how good of a weapon you get but that's not too much considering you will gain 8 CC and about 100 more intel from the mojo/ 1 hand combo. This will make up the damage u lose in CD. Your attack speed will go up since you will be one handing.

Jummas set is the cheapest route. Thing of deep is nice cause it comes with CC, mana regen and more mana and pick up radius like I mentioned above. THis can also give you the option to use Pierce the Veil instead of Spirit vessel... that will give you an additional 20-30k more damage... and you wont be so mana starved from PTV because you will have around 1k of mana as opposed to what you have now. I say experiment and see what works best.

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