Is this a good deal ?

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There is a vile ward on the GAH with the following stats . Starting bid 20mil.

658 armor
+255 armor
253 dex
56 vit
80 all resist
38 phys resist.

What do you think the highest bid I should make, if you all think it a good deal ? Thanks
Not sure of your circumstances but I would personally try crafting for shoulders. If you were to invest the same amount of the minimum bid for that vile ward Im almost sure you would come out with better. I wish you luck with it.

To answer your question I think that is a high price considering the investment required to craft better or equal.
@ ElTresSels

I am getting stuff ready for my low lvl dh. So when she hits 60 she will have her own stuff.
@ Whoopadeedoo

@ Waitubold

I have a low lvl DH that I am buying gear for, so when she hits lvl 60 then she will have her own stuff.
@ Whoopadeedoo

The gear I have on my main dh , has been on for 8 months. So prices change over time. I have not bought anything in over 6 month's from the AH except my bow. So yes I am asking for advice on the item.

You do know alot has changed in the last 6 or 8 month's don't you ?
You should craft some shoulders for a lot cheaper.
i just want to say . i think it would be easy to craft a better shoulder then what you have right now . you should try to craft a shoulder that have life %

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