Boozer, we want to know you!

Your ultimate mempo/os wiz description was inspiring but didn't say much about who you are as a real person. What is your gaming experience? What brought you the seriousness into d3? What you like the most about the game? Your other hobbies? Your next plan, eg sword wiz? Elite monk?
Bump until boozer gets personal,
i can vouch boozor to be a dedicated sniper and cheap to boot
Okay i'll bite (incoming novel)

It's boozOr not boozer (on the contrary I drink very often nowadays, but when I do, its very bad)

I'm a big hockey fan being from Canada and all.

I grew up playing StarCraft and Counterstrike however I'm not an avid gamer at all.

I don't play any console games or own a console. I only play D3. Very weird. I was playing StarCraft 2 for the past year before diablo, and was a highly ranked masters player in that game. But I've yet to try the expansion since I've been so into Diablo.

I don't know what the draw is about diablo, but it has made me want to keep playing. I prefer the gearing and AH over actually playing the game. Another very nice thing about D3 is the forums and the community around it. To be honest without people to play with and people to talk to about the game this would have gotten old very quickly.

Also, there are mixed emotions about the RMAH/GAH, but I believe that it is a vehicle for safe trading. It is good and bad. The game would not be as fun for myself personally without the AH.

Playing the actual game becomes repetitive but the "chance" and gamble of drops is enticing even if its a lottery ticket. Especially since after 1300 hours my best drop has been a Wind force (270m sale) So if I relied on drops and not learning the AH then I would have quit a LONG LONG time ago.

The best feeling about D3 is helping others to be honest. I really enjoy helping others and watching progression. When people say :"hey you've made this game fun or me again" that really is rewarding because I really didn't do anything but spend a bit of time. Of course everyone has their limits and what they can tolerate from people because some people are overly demanding, but for the most part it has been a very pleasant experience. I've messed up very badly the first opportunity I was given trust, and that person forgave me and said "go help others", so I've done my best to do right what I initially did wrong a long while ago.

Its also refreshing to have kind hearted and at the same time entertaining people around to chat and talk about things about the game even though there isn't much else to the game then just gearing yourself up and being over powered.

As you all know I AH snipe and whatever I produce from sales I put back into my gear and my alternates. I did not wake up one day and know how to flip. It took a lot of trial and error and adapting to the markets. I started out flipping for 10k gold with rare belts/chests/pants/boots ETC. You can feel my pain. But it was all relative at that point. I learned markets and how to price/win/snipe/ETC. Nowadays its much harder, but the only tips I have for fledging flippers would be to be patient and exercise judgement (would YOU pay X for this?)

What is next? I'm not sure. Currently in terms of gearing it is Wizard/ Barb/ Monk. I enjoy all 3 and all 3 are needed in high speed groups. I may just take a bit of a break for a bit.

My wizard is still my main and my favorite character and of course this community is #1.

I've had the pleasure to meet many and many good people here. Learned lots and had some fun.

I appreciate all the kind words from people, again showing just how awesome this bunch is.

Cheers to all, thanks for reading.
One of the friendliest person around. You have a smiley at the end of almost every sentence. Nice chatting in game and also the surprise run.....
Cheers! Btw, my problem is I would pay x for anything if want it. Due to impatient people like me, the market continues to survive. But as far as D3 itself is concerned, I'm on the same page as boozor.
ZERG 4 Life! Thanks for the read boozOr or whatever.
07/02/2013 07:14 PMPosted by BotakZhang
You have a smiley at the end of almost every sentence

That isnt any indication of being friendly................... =)
Hey Boozor, awesome climb up the ah ladder, it's a game in of itself isn't it lol.

thanks for all the helping suggestions and vidoes and gaming. Will catch you round the forums.
i love boozor

Good read Boozor...

I remember that little hiccup you had and reading the related thread.. Way to man up. You gained the respect of the whole community for that..

Oh yeah did you see the Flyers picked up Vinny? Yes diehard hockey fan here!!
Boozer or Boozor?
Nice reading!
Those flyers need to figure it out cause they are a mess lol.

Same with Vancouver, traded away our goalie for a scratch and win...
Those flyers need to figure it out cause they are a mess lol.

Same with Vancouver, traded away our goalie for a scratch and win...

They are a mess and unfortunately they are my team. Im scared for the Canucks.. I don't think Torts is a good fit there.

And the Schnieder trade, don't think that was a good one. Your stuck with a goalie who doesn't want to be there. Kind of like Philly with Bryz-aster. Glad he is gone..

Flyers needed pronged back... 2001 pronger lol

Ya. Well Vinny seemed like a solid bang for buck but his aging a bit.

At least Philly has giroux Vancouver has no one young + good
They should go after Bozak... But if I remember correctly you guys don't have much cap room. He is asking quite a bit out of Toronto

Briere is out there too.. That would be a sick first line, Sedins and Danny B..
Flyers... so many shouldas...

Bobrovsky: gave up on him too soon. See also: Seidenberg, Sharp, etc.

Kane has 2 rings now, shoulda been a Flyer but they were bumped off the #1 pick that year. Argh, that game six 5-hole cup winner just jams so much salt in it.

@boozor I consider myself an honorary canadian. I can point to Sask on a map, speak just enough French to be dangerous, and actually play (not just watch) ice hockey. I drink a glass of whiskey with a shot of maple syrup for breakfast, eh? God save the queen, or whatever.
You trolling Worloega? lol

Ande ole' Kanner.. Love that kid... Thats the only reason I am not throwing my monitor out my window. (plus I'm at work and supposed to uphold some sort of professionalism)

And for Bob I was a strong supporter of him. It just goes to show how rough the media is on their goaltenders. No one has excelled there since Hextall...

And good for Bob Im glad he wrapped the Vezna up. He deserves it after sitting on a bench watching the Bryz-aster..

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