07/03/2013 09:11 AMPosted by Roku761
I believe the developers intended for Diablo 3 to have hundreds of viable builds covering all the classes; however, that idea never panned out.

Actually, it would have panned out just fine if they never introduced the Monster Power system. People always seem to forget that it didn't always exist and the implications it had on the game as a whole.

Right now about MP 4-5 is about where Inferno was before the MP system came along. Now take any decently constructed build right now with decent to good gear and you will demolish MP 4-5. Some moreso than others, of course, but the point remains. And even if you took away the damage buffs we've received over time you'd still be able to faceroll through MP 4-5 provided you had good gear and didn't play like a Timmy.

What we're waiting for is Blizzard to finish playing catch-up with things. They probably had plans to finish revamping/buffing the classes, but then the whole poor itemization issue in this game began overshadowing all else (rightfully so IMO). So now it looks like they plan to address both issues at the same time with the Loot 2.0 patch, whenever that comes out.

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