Larra fails to spawn, N. Deserted Cellar, Mac

Bug Report
I'm playing on a Macintosh (iMac), Diablo 3 software version

I'm trying to finish a Diablo 3 Achievement involving Larra, a random spawn. The forums, Diablo wiki at, and Youtube videos show that Larra or Hurrax will randomly appear in the northern spawn location for the Deserted Cellar in the Black Canyon Mines, Act 2.

I'm ok with a random spawn if Larra or Hurrax would be a 50/50 probability.

However, I have literally farmed for her all week and have searched the northern Deserted Cellar at least 40-50 times if not more. Larra fails to spawn. Every single time I enter the northern Deserted Cellar, I see Hurrax.

Is the Macintosh version of Diablo 3 bugged?
i can tell you that the merchant does spawn. i just posted a bug report on the merchant's inventory. you just gotta keep searching.

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