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Started. It's fun!

I'm super rich! 7000 gold. LOL
Point of this topic?
Yeah, HC is pretty fun my monk is para 30 now :)

I remember when I first started I was like pft, I'm not going to use vit gems, that's for pusssayyys. Turns out i'm using vit gems.
yup HC is quite fun..

played before but stoped, because my HC DH friend died because of lag and he refuse to play HC again..

Invite me if you want to play HC, maybe we can run together.. my HC monk is at 36 if i am not mistaken :)

Are you joining our self-found "league"? Although I think I will call it a co-operative, as that may be more appropriate. Battletags of other HC Self-found players are listed in the second post...

At any given moment, there may be someone who can level with you too, as I think starting new toons is a fairly common thing in co-op. My WD is at around level 22 and I hope to get past Belial tonight.

Welcome to the dark side! It is lots of fun.

You always be a good monk. I don't worry about you.
Oh dang. Thanks for the posts guys!

Working on her!

Am I supposed to lvl up extra to move forward with the quests?

I've been just progressing through the quests on MP2 from the start to now in the middle of Act2. Things are getting a little nasty.

I didn't buy anything, and now that I look at my gears, it's terrible. bahaha

Am I supposed to stay in MP0 til I get geared up a little better?

First time in HC, so I'm a little confused!
It really depends on how you want to play.

For those of us who have adopted the ways of HC Self-Found, we do vendor checks to see if there are any good items for sale and craft like mad with all the mats we make from salvaging our finds. We tend to do this in groups, so results of crafting is passed around as we go along, etc.

I'd probably say... do every side quest and enter every dungeon or room. Clear the complete areas before moving on. And stack vit when possible -- survivability is key. :) The approach is quite different from playing SC (obvious) as reckless play is discouraged.

If you don't want to do self-found, then I'd forego salvaging materials, sell them all at vendors as you find them and try to upgrade via AH along the way. I don't know what kinds of materials you will find there though, as I haven't touched AH since playing HC.

And yeah, stay MP0 until you overwhelm the content. Not hard to do at lower levels. I've been playing MP5 on my WD (and can probably do the same on my Monk). And play around with skills too. I've found that skills that are often used in SC are not necessarily prized in HC and vice versa. It's a whole new & different approach and it has completely refreshed the game for me.

btw, you still haven't ansewered my question about whether yuou want to adopt the way of the HCSF player and join our co-operative. :)
Thanks for the feedback man. Appreciate that.

I haven’t touched AH/Vendor/Crafting/Etc. I literally just started last night and played about 2 hours I think without thinking about other stuff.

Maybe I’ll stay SF or maybe I’ll get some stuff on AH.

The purpose of me getting into HC was to gear up a S&B monk to have fun. I always loved S&B monk but it just never made sense in SC to do it. Now I have a reason to have fun with Shield set up!

Hopefully, I’ll make it to Inferno and have fun at that. Haha Maybe I’ll die on the way, but I’m happy that it’s giving me different type of “fun” with D3.
I dunno, my first hardcore character was a monk and I had 0 gold. I pretty much powered through the game with little to no grinding. Took about 12 hours to hit 60. I bought really cheap items off the auction house if there were any available.
I wouldn't really use the AH for most of your early level gear. The main reason is that people who have already made it to Inferno will be willing to pay much higher amounts for gear for their 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. characters. 50K is 5 minutes of farming with their main, so it's a drop in the bucket to pay for some level 20 pants. Not saying you can't find deals, but I don't even bother shopping on early levels.

If you're planning on using the AH, I'd probably just stick with flawless square gems until level 42+, at which point a level-reduced LoH inferno weapon is generally sufficient to get you through. (The longer you can wait for a level reduced weapon, the cheaper they become)

If you're not going to use the AH, then you're best off upgrading your blacksmith and jeweler. You can get higher level gear from them than the drops are currently supplying, letting you stay more safely ahead of the content. Even if you are going to use the AH, crafting still gives you more bang for your buck often, and really it's much more fun. When are you going to have the chance again to craft pants and belts and weapons and such?
I’m rich though. I have 7000 gold. LOL Just kidding.

About the lvling gears discussion, it’s pretty much the same thing for SC.

I’ll think about how I’m going to play this on today and see what I end up with doing after work today. I think I’ll go with AH when I reach hell difficulty.

Anyway, it’s just exciting. Haha
Thanks, Fitz. I’ll definitely hit you up for some boss kills and whatnot. Haha

It’s very hard to get used to the playstyle since It’s been so long since I have to be careful engaging the fights.

And when I lvled up my 2nd monk, I got him some sweet lvling gears, so it went super fast and easy solo-ing everything. Haha

It’s really, really fun playing HC though. Very exciting.

Your drops in HC are insanely great. Love it.

Thanks again for the offer, Fitz. I’ll add you after work!
Don't add Fitz!!!! Stay on the HCSF path Kim!!! :) Enjoy the acomplishments felt when you (or you with a group at the same level) defeat a boss or complete a quest! Join our HCSF (umm Nameless are we considered a clan??)!!!!!
Haha I’m leaning towards using AH. Won’t convert much of my gold on SC, but I do want to get some gears when I reach Hell.
Though, I want to join that HCSF group with my 2nd HC monk after I have one well-built HC monk!

have several of my old high end monk friends who are now rolling HC monks for fun like me. Planning to lvl it up together.

We’ll see how it goes.
LOL ahh I still love you Fitz!!! :P We should convince LR/CF to play SFHC. With his undestanding of skill synergy it would be interesting to say the least!

Oh and the "don't add Fitz" was just for the boss kill help :)
07/08/2013 02:22 PMPosted by Wannabee808
Join our HCSF (umm Nameless are we considered a clan??)!!!!!

I will be calling it a co-operative (co-op for short). :)

All I can say is... don't get too attached to your HC characters. I have yet to lose one, but I've been reading up on how easy it can be to lose one due to connection issues. I'm emotionally preparing for that possibility by planning to roll multiple characters of the same class (I'm planning to do 2 monks and 2 WDs... so far, I have one of each)...

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