What to upgrade/upgrades to farm mp8

Can someone please help me on what to upgrade so I can farm mp8 act 2? Thanks in advance
LIFE for sure. 37k is a bit low.maybe a life gem in helm
So you believe a life gem and I should be good to go to farm act 2?
and your AR seems low for high MP farming.how much do your have? cause I don't see OWE in your skills

and two LS weapons would help at least I find it easier at high mps with 2 LS.weapons for sustainability
600 AR what should I shoot for?
whats good. like I edited my last post. 2 LS weapons.
have you looked into a LS won khim lau. with your setup think it would be etter then your rare sword. im by no means an expert I know the basis with monks. but more life and LS and maybe a WKL since your main dmg is coming from FoT:TC and cyclone
I have not looked into a won khim lau ,but if you suggest it would help I could look into it,
get your HP total up. yes amethyst in helm for sure. more vit in general where u can get it. craft some shoulders.

use bell so u can heal in bulk when u need it most. definitely more useful than blazing wrath, both in terms of survivability and damage output.

its gonna come down to the skill build you wanna use

if you want to use bells, i would say keep the echoing fury

however, if you wanna use the cookie cutter - cyclones/palm build, you need to get rid of that echoing fury and pick up two won khim lau's: one with LS + OS and another with CD + OS

that is the first thing you need to decide


you need more cc

those gloves need 8+

also, you need avg damage on your rare ring instead of crit dmg

it will give you more dmg and cost less

next, you need double vit inna's pants instead of double dex

and, as mentioned before, socket amethyst instead of ruby ... paragon levels will come quickly playing in groups on high mp's

/rant ... my $0.02
thanks I bought a WKL and a rare ring with average damage.
To get health just trade some gems. You can buy some better items but honestly I can't understand why people don't just swap em..

Well since you picked up a wkl you obviously want cookie cutter.. You should try for more crit on those gloves, you have good cc because of your nats with cc.

For dps get a better witching hour 9/40+

Also O.O you have crit mempo and sick nats ring but not 200k+
what is your all res atm?
672 AR ATM also do you guys suggest I just socket vit gems in my Inna's pants or buy a new set?
Honestly, I'm not sure how you're not killing MP8 right now. I'd swap another emerald for an amethyst (trade some DEX for VIT) and then swap Resolve for Beacon of Ytar. Right now, you're taking 48% of all incoming melee damage as far as Resolve, Ascension, and Faith in the Light are concerned:

0.6 (FitL up 20% of the time, Ascension up another 20%)
x 0.8 (Resolve allowing 80% of damage to come through)
= 0.48

If you make the swap, you'll be taking 50% of all incoming melee damage, which is a slight loser on paper. Remember, though, that Resolve only lasts for 2.5 seconds and only affects any mob you've damaged directly. In practice, I expect BoY to be better for you vis-a-vis melee mitigation. Also, you get the following benefits if you swap:

  • You'll absorb more affix damage via more up-time for Ascension.
  • You'll prevent more affix spawning via more up-time for FitL.
  • You'll deliver more damage overall via more up-time for FitL.
  • You'll get more face-time via more up-time for Ascension.

That's my take.
I will swap a dex for a vit gem and will try the boy passive

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