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I am having SERIOUS connection problem with my D3, days from here.

Those are the problems:
1- When I try to login, I usually get stuck at the screen, an then receive an error message saying "There was an error connectig to Battlenet. (Error 3006)".
2- When I finnaly can login, I try to enter a Public game or create myself a game. And usually get stuck in loading screen for like a minute, and comeback to the character scren with this error message: "NETWORK DISCONNECTED - The game connection has been lost; your client has been disconnected from the server". In this case I am NOT disconnected from the game, just "kicked" out from the room, I returned to the main screen (where yuo choose your quest, the AH, etc.) and need to try again, till I succeed to play.
3- It wasnt happening that much before, but today specially im getting some painfully long lags!

What I have already tried:
1- Changed the Windows Firewall to allow everything related to Diablo III and Battlenet.
2- Reset the Router.
3- Checked at the router and the modem config the firewall, deactivated it, the problem persisted the same (then, for safety I reactivated it).
4- Checked the ports, and none (neither UDP and TCP) were blocked or with restricted access.
5- Connected the PC direct from the Internet cable. The problem persisted the same.

I also observed that when I do enter a game and can actually play it, I can go along till the end of the playthrough without being kicked out. So, the problem is login-in and trying to start a game. But its happening A LOT!

Dont know anymore what to do. It seems to get every day worse... and Im getting really tired. This is making me move away from the game, its killing my gamimg experience and letting me pissed off.

Is someone else having this kind of problem?

I dont know anymore what to do!! =/
07/08/2013 07:55 PMPosted by KssioAug
I dont know anymore what to do!! =/

do this

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