Too many of you have bad freeze Scoundrels

07/04/2013 01:40 AMPosted by MOBAjobg
Please don't KOed me, EmperorMao for quoting your post by accident.

I'm not some boogieman that will destroy the souls of your loved ones for any little thing. He only awakens when his Stupid Gauge is full from reading threads. Then he unleashes his Stupid Break.
I can't afford a Buriza, so I gear my scoundrel with Windforce + cold SoJ. The other slots are +9% aspd and VIT ammy and ring.

Near 50% knockback is lol on non-fast elites. The constant knockback will also stop enemies from doing any attacks that require a longer animation. Pretty good alternative to Buriza if you're poor. The only bad thing is that you have to manually look through 50 pages of SoJ for a cold damage one, and hope someone didn't overprice it.

Same here, except that my WF also has some freeze on it, so I get KB, freeze, chill and stun from my scoundrel, he literally perma ccs blue elites cos the WF is so fast lol. Too bad it has no pierce so its worthless for trash mobs, but usually trash dies before my scoundrel can get a shot in on them so its all good.

Yea and its 674825678142 times cheaper than a buriza.

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