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I have been playing D3 since it came out. I do enjoy the action but the loot is so utter fail. I came across PoE, which is still in beta and FREE, and so far it is a way better game than D3. For those not in the know about PoE let me break it down some.

No two characters will be the same due to the extremely large skill tree. Six classes, Three main stat classes, STR, INT, DEX same as D3 but three hybrid one STR + INT, one STR + DEX, one INT + DEX. The witch plays similar to Necro in D2 with curses, minions, corpse explosions. NO GOLD, everything you trade items for gives you mats that you can use to craft new gear or trade with others. Skill gems a la materia system in FFVII to give you your skills, that level with you. Same basic item levels normal, magic, rare and legendaries. However, you can turn white items into powerful rares using the items you trade for. Basically everything on gear you can tinker with from rerolling stats, changing gem socket colors, binding sockets, etc. You can alter everything it seems. You can even alter potions, which have no cd like D3, and they refill as you kill mobs.

They hold mini ladders lasting from an hour to weeks. They are going on daily. Both Hardcore and Softcore mode and PVP. You can use real money to purchase things like unique item or skill effects, pets, increased inventory, or more character slots.

I have only been playing this game for a week and to me it feels like what D3 should have been. Just thought I would share this info with a community that seems to be frustrated.
I tried POE, I just can't stand the clunky graphics...

Hence I back to D3.

Anyone know any game that has POE depth and D3 graphics and combat system?
Actually I thought the skills drop, and that large so called skill tree is a mush of passives. I guess the op needs to learn what a skill is.
You cant comparing Poe with Diablo3 now, poe is in Openbeta, its not finish yet!!

Comparing poe with diablo3 when it finish! the final version of poe release oktober 2013.

To be honest blizzard have alot to learn from GGG company!!

Path of exile is free game and free to download, there no pay to win game, something blizzard can learn from!

I like both games in diffrents of ways and they can learn from both games!!
PoE really lacks casual appeal. It probably won't ever be amazingly popular. The races / ladders are great though, really the best part of the game as a whole. That's the kind of stunning innovation D3 should've had.
POE is a "good" game, has a few things D3 is missing so to speak, but, it just doen't do it for me on the whole

its worth a try if you have a lotta free time
You cant comparing Poe with Diablo3 now, poe is in Openbeta, its not finish yet!!

Neither D3
We can't deny that D3 is more polished, combat feel more smooth but overall D3 is an empty shell

PoE is far more rewarding, you have a lot of stuff to work on to min/max your character.In D3 there is nothing except your gear but then crafting in D3 is such a !@#$ing joke, PoE crafting system could be better but in its current state its 100x better than D3 lol

With 74 pages of threads on this topic I think it's safe to say it's been covered. :P

I personally really enjoyed PoE but the clunky animations and general lack of responsiveness is what made me lose interest. That said the itemization, character cusomization and multiplayer elements are simply amazing and have an incredible amount of depth.

Diablo 3 on the other hand has an absolutely flawless game engine, the combat just feels incredibly fluid and the aesthetics make my inner-designer do cartwheels. I'd personally love for a skill and character system as complex and layered as PoE's to exist in Diablo 3 but a big part of the issue here though is that Diablo 3 has been tailor-made to be as "safe" as possible.

Let's just say I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen the devs reason against a feature because it gives the player too many options or "complicates" the UI. Working with that philosophy, many of the game's mechanics are simplified to the absolute extreme to maximize accessibility and hence, market share.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Diablo 3 and if I had to choose from the two it would definitely get my vote, I just wish the devs weren't so afraid of innovation!
There is no doubt that PoE is the better ARPG here. It takes a little time to get into it though which is why its not as popular as D3, or actually lets be honest D3 is more popular because of its name. But it does have a wider appeal I guess.

So people play D3 now and will for the next 2 years, but unless something big changes with the game in 5 years PoE is gonna be the game people remember. While D3 will be he game that everyone says, ye, it was okey for a few months.
07/05/2013 01:28 AMPosted by Ghost
No two characters will be the same due to the extremely large skill tree.

Most players end up pretty cookie cutter to be honest. You pick the big keystone skills you want and pick the obvious choices along the way. There will be small differences but that skill tree is largely a failure imo. Also the combat is so clunky that it physically pains me to play PoE more than 30 minutes or so at a time.

The best part of PoE is theorycrafting your next character. Actually playing the game is pretty dull and extremely repetitive since the zones are larger and the encounters more repetitive.
i do agree early game is pretty bland. but once your build comes together its actually quite fun. i do agree that the mechanics and combat is a bit more fluid and well polished out in d3. but its definately something that PoE guys said theya re going to fix. also love that they jump on general chat in the game and bull!@#$ w/ us and ask us what we think of a certain feature etc.

i'd poop my pants if a dev asked me something in general chat in d3.
Mix PoE with D3 and you have a really good game. Add in a few minor parts of TL2 and we have an aRPG worthy of playing for years to come. Instead we get 3 flawed games and I end up coming back to D3 more than the others because they did the best job with the combat.
Diablo 3 has better combat, better graphics and is a more fluidly played game but I prefer POE's depth. By depth I refer to customization of everything about your character. The skill tree, the gear,the ability to modify the gear, all of it.

A blend of these 2 games is what I was expecting Diablo 3 to be, it is the "next step" from what Diablo 2 was. Instead I got console Auction House.
I have been playing D3 since it came out. I do enjoy the aUction but the loot is so utter fail.

fixed that for ya.
My PoE character is lvl 48 but yeah I lost interest mainly due to the lag spikes (I'm in Australia). But some of those areas were so dam big! And like others have mentioned, the combat needs to be improved upon. That's why, like many others, I come back to diablo 3...I just love smashing stuff (pots, destructible scenery etc) in this game...it's so satisfying!!!
I tried POE, I just can't stand the clunky graphics...

Hence I back to D3.

Anyone know any game that has POE depth and D3 graphics and combat system?

Don't listen to obtuse people like this fellow here. The gameplay and graphics have improved x1000 since the start because GGG constantly patches updates and most importantly listens to their fanbase. GGG is light-years ahead of Blizzard in the ARGP genre in all departments but most importantly concepts and the way they treat their fanbase is and should be an industry standard.
There are pros and cons to both games. I hate the combat in PoE, i'm not rally much of a fan of the over complicated passive tree, which could have been easily split into stats and a skill grid (like in Torchlight 2), and crafting isn't as amazing when you realize you can screw up an item you've been working on for a while if the system decides to troll you. Not much difference with D3's boring blacksmith slot machine, except you have a tiny bit more control, but in the end, you're just facing RNG over and over and over again. I'd even dare say PoE's frustrating is even more frustrating, considering how many steps you gotta take in order to have a somewhat decent craftable item. It's still nice that items of any quality can be valuable, though.

I like how you can combine skill gems to amplify effects in PoE. It's one of the best features the game has to offer, as it allows for a lot creativity and customization. Crossing rune effects and even skills for D3 skill system in a similar way would be quite cool as well. Heck, you could even level your skills for further specialization, with a set amount of refundable skill points in order to not just have everything maxed out, allowing the player to have a bit more control over his damage output, instead of having to rely 100% on gear as it is now.

Graphic wise, PoE is quite bad. Character design is the worst part imho. Monsters are incredibly lame (ramming chickens, seriously?). Environments are rather generic and boring, except for a few dungeons. I do like the fact indoor dungeons have a light radius restriction, making the experience more immersing, and the overall grit is a nice touch, but not enough to carry the mediocre models and animations over to an acceptable level. The overall mood, though, is more convincing than D3's over stylized cartoon style. Not saying D3 has bad graphics, as they're pretty gorgeous, but they're just inappropriate for a Diablo game.

What I like the most may be how they approach difficulty in PoE. Allowing monsters to have their own debuffs is a clever way to build up difficulty, without relying so much on raw damage increments per difficulty. A single monster will not 1shot you, but a pack of different monsters stacking debuffs can be potentially deadly, making the player think a bit about how to deal with specific guys. By times it feels overkill, but it's way more fun than D3's uninspired and blatantly untested MP system and it's sloppy implementation of humongous healthpools which are just a lame dps check, while actual challenge is almost nil, even more for those in BiS gear. Inferno was supposed to be a mode you could "never truly outlevel". MP10 is hardly difficult as it is, past the evident dps requirement.

Events and community involvement are another big plus for PoE. While I don't actively participate in every race, it's a fun way to spice up the game, and the fact developers are so close to their fan base to adjust the game based on feedback is simply fantastic. I understand this last thing may be due to the game being in open beta, but it still is a great thing that heavily contrasts with D3's dev team perpetual silence about....everything.

Another big thing for PoE is diversity. While there will always be some cookie cutter builds, there are so many ways to build a character that the game doesn't suffer from lack of replay value like Diablo's optimization-oriented system. It's funny, because the game wasn't supposed to be based on optimization, but on viability. What happened to that "viable over optimal" philosophy they stressed so much before launch? They've been straying father and farther away from this as new patches are released, overbuffing certain skills, and limiting overall diversity. Sad stuff, really.
I agree with many of the non-POE folks. I love me some dungeon crawlers, rogue-likes and diablo clones, but the skill tree for POE is definitely not for me and is the #1 reason why I have no interest in playing it. It screams "Shallow".

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