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So I was thinking...I'm getting a bit tired of going through the Diablo 3 campaign over and over again to get new loot and rank up and stuff...and I know there's PvP but i'm not really interested in PvP. So I was wondering if either Blizzard or the Blizzard community could help me figure out whats going on. Is there going to be an expansion? Or is that not happening?
Expansions for Blizzard games have been as certain as night following day since the days of Starcraft 1. For most Blizzard gamers, it's a no-brainer.

The expansion was confirmed last November though it was already known as far back as 2010 when a leaked product slate surfaced on the interwebz.
Thanks Hyper, I have been really curious about if there going to release one or not. see I was introduced to Diablo last year after November so I never knew...but yeah thanks :)
Yeah, at the moment most are guessing that the expansion will release late 2014/early 2015, will likely include 1 new class and 1 new act, along with some itemization improvements (may re-introduce charms/runewords etc. - but that's probably being hopeful than anything else)
It better be more then one class there better be 2 like lord of destruction cause this game is bordering on crap given the fact that every play through is the exact same thing and the classes are pretty boring. If they only introduce one class instead of 2 in this new expansion i'm done with this game
thinking about that tho what 2 classes would they bring out they almost combined the classes from d2 to make some of the classes in d3 eg the witch docter seems to me as a cross between the necro and the druid and the demonhunter seems like a cross of the amazon and assassin but i would love to hear what others think and what they would guess as new classes for the d3 world
what if they brought in a shape shifter or lycanthropy or maybe a vampire type idk but something new would be nice
I was always interested in the 'Warrior' class as it was in Diablo I. Its simple and to the point but a lovely class.

Anyway, I've been away from D3 for over a year now? I'm assuming that Acti-Bliz want money for their expansion?
-If so i'd be expecting off line mode and LAN mode (given that there is still lag and 'rubber-banding' going on).
-Or failing that a server in australia or NZ (given that Telstra are inadequate (according to actibliz))
-Warrior class would be a bonus.
-vampire knight would be a cool idea greatmilenko
what about a paladin/knight and shape shifter style character
Should know more in 3 weeks:
i hope the expansion will be awesome, but i think the need to shut down the AH its ruined the game, they should do it like Diablo 2 just make it easier of finding sets and stuff.
and i hope the Necromancer and Paladin will be back 2 of my fav chars in D2
Well I am very please that there is talk of an expansion but lets all be real now, if they are announcing it just prior to the platform release then it will probably not be released until Spring or Summer of 2014...There best be 2 classes and more lvls to go to because 100 is not enough...and I am hoping for a Necro style class that will rival D2
One more day till gamescom, hopefully we get some good news after we all have waited so long, even if its not for a year. I'm hoping to see some actions taken place to get this game back up and rollin. Even though it seems unlikley from the revenue they accomplished, it seems to me ridding of the AH is vital for d3 expansion. Lets see what you have in store for your fans blizzard.
I hope AH will be available in new expansion, i'm not agree with other people who said AH ruined the game. Instead AH i think keep alive the game, i like 2 be back from job and look 2 AH 2 buy and sell items and after playin' game. Blizz with AH add this game 2 a new dimension, it's next level, GJ blizzard. DIABLO 3 BEST GAME EVER, W8 FOR EXPANSION!

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