Inventory bugged?

Bug Report
I somehow do not have access to the 5 slots in my inventory on the top right. Mousing over them doesn't show them, I can't click them, can't throw them out. I can switch them out if I drag another item to this spot but then the same happens to the other item at that place.

Never seen something like that before, it happened suddenly and I don't know what to do life doesn't make sense anymore.
Wow...I just found out what was going on...

I clicked on my friend list and suddenly my web browser started, leading me to the page of Avira Antivirus...
I'm using the free version of it, so it sometimes pops up ads.

I then stopped the ad-process via task manager and that solved the problem...

Any idea how this can happen? How can my antivirus program mess something up in the game client?

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