Looking to sell my monk set. 210k dmg

Here are the stats. Not looking to part out. Want to sell as a whole for IGG or ill toss it all on the RMAH this week.

C/O RatPack 2.5b

210,141.59 Damage per Second

465,843.41 Effective Hit Points
DPS 210,141.59
Attacks per Second 2.418 MH
2.262 OH
+% Attack Speed 41% (+15% DW)
Critical Hit Chance 43.5%
Critical Hit Damage 585%
MH Weapon Damage 94,396.41
OH Weapon Damage 85,411.57

Life 48k
Armor 4,934
All Resist 521.3
Block Chance 0%
Dodge Chance 47.8%
Armor Damage Reduction 61.03%
Total Damage Reduction 89.73%
how much you want to sell it for?

You don't wanna play monk or D3 anymore?
@gasparro I dont have a current bin price, i have to look up prices and ill get back to you

@ManU I have !@#$ going on in life that needs the money more than this game, I will never stop playing d3 haha, I just need a break
Ok, I saw you build up your good monk and active in forum. I can't imagine you quit your monk. I thought you can level up p100.
Haha I will! I will get there!! My career, girlfriend and family comes first :)
Well to start off the bidding, I will put down down 1 bill.
Bid starting at 1b!
Glad to see you're not selling your shield. The bidding has already reached more gold than I've ever had. Good luck with the sale.

ill go 2b
C/O DarkJuggalo with 2b
Thanks ratpack! To the top for offers!
Bump for sunday! keep the offers coming!
Bump for monday morning
@Golm Thanks for the bump!

Any final offers?
To the top
are you accepting money offers? :O

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