Need price check on WKL

Any veteran brothers there that can price check this wkl pls would be very much appreciated.

828.1 Dps
5% Lightning
23% additional lightning
157 Dex
2.7% LS

Thanks in advance and have a good day!
Very nice, perhaps close to 500 mil or so.

Sorry I can't give an exact amount. All I can say is that it's definitely more than 200 mil, and definitely less than 1 billion.
Thanks for the price check bro really appreciated it. Can anyone else price chheck this pls?
Any other veterans out there that can appraise this? Would really want to sell this asap :(
Im no veteran but Id put that at around 300 - 400m, could go higher, but it might take you some time to sell them.
Thank for the price check, do you guys think ill be able to sell this fast if i put in 250m?
That WKL is worth 800 mil up in my opinion. The 2.7 lS is nice and the 23% lightning damage is great.
It's a pretty nice one, first reply was right about getting around 500 mil. If you aren't too worried about selling it instantly I would stick it up for 200mil starting bid and just let it run. Make sure you list it at a time so that the auction will end around 7-9 in the evening when most people are playing.
100mil. 200mil if you are lucky.
bought the one i have on my toon for 20M, and will sell for 100M....
Im confused kimsulki84 who is one famous monk says its around 100-200mil while the majority who posted says its around 500mil+, idk who to follow :(
If you put a buyout of 200 mil, I can almost guarantee that it'll be gone before 1.5 days. It would be considered a steal.

When I said it could go for around 500 mil, the caveat is that you have patience, as well as good timing :)

Just take a look at similar WKLs out there, most of them are priced around that range or have slightly higher buyout prices, so I've moderated it somewhat already to the point that you can reasonably expect to eventually sell it.
How much would the one on my monk be worth then? Got it for around 50~.
@LordVodka and xxxkan

Nice WKL you have! Hows about my WKL worth?
07/08/2013 11:00 AMPosted by KimSulki84
100mil. 200mil if you are lucky.


got no clue where 500m+ is coming from...???

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