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Azmodan (2880x1800)

The Butcher (2880x1800)

Unburied (2880x1800)

Let me know what creature you want and the resolution you'd like it in.
Man taking it a step further I see :)

Good work. Just keep them coming is all I ask for

Siegebreaker Assault Beast
Hi TRM awesome wallpapers. Saw the previous thread as well.

I have a request, if possible - could you also extract images for the female barb? In truth, I want to see if I can make a wallpaper of my barb with her gear. However, I shall settle for a good image of a regular female barb.

3 replies and 15 views. Yep, "Move it to Community Creations" seems like a stupid idea. I'm done with these forums.
I know :(

Was talking to my friend Anwin about this. Was telling him about this cool stuff you are doing and how no one is even appreciating it. People are more worried about banning flippers and what not and forgetting the fun factor in the game.

What you are doing must be hard work [am no techie so no clue :P] but for me it is awesome. I am someone who has bought the limited edition strategy guide. People ask me why would I need a strategy guide for a game which is constantly evolving...its just fun looking at the artwork and the myriad facts mentioned in it.

I understand if you do stop posting but I sincerely hope you would keep 'em coming...

Let me know what else you wanna see.
How about the mallet lords? :)
As you command..
damn no wonder my squishy monk gets one shotted by these guys :D they scary

thanks :)

how about those fire ball hurling dragons from act3?
Colossal Golar @ 3840x2160
The Warden @ 3840x2160

The Warden 4-way projection @ 2880x1800

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