Quests Missing from Inferno Acts 1, 2 and 3

Bug Report
I've finished the entire Diablo III game, mainly solo on Inferno, doing every quest in each act. Today, when I wanted to select a quest in act 2 on inferno, I noticed all my quests are missing. In addition to that, my quest selection is only showing the first quest in act 1 and the 1st and last quests in act 3. Only act 4 inferno is complete in the question selection. All quest selections on other difficulties are still there.

Due to the fact that the game no longer recognizes that I've completed these quests, the corresponding achievements are now also missing.

There are several other people with the same issue of missing quests on Inferno, however not everyone has the problem. My boyfriend for example has all his quests listed in inferno.

For a couple quests, my boyfriend did join my game, however that doesn't seem to matter for this bug. For example, he joined my game for Diablo, but I solo'd Rakanoth and still have the achievement and quest selection for both.

A fix would be welcome, act 2 is the longest one of them all and being forced to do it all over again (after which the quests disappeared again for others) would be annoying.

I attached some screens.


Missing quests in quest selection:

Missing act 1 inferno achievements:

Missing act 2 inferno achievements:

Missing act 3 inferno achievements:

Completed act 4 inferno achievements:

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