My opinion on what should happen.(buffs/nerfs

So apparently i just found out yesterday from iria basically dh cant even duel plague bats without the regen spec so ya.. that's actually pretty sad.

The BEST thing that can happen with our pvp that we all love so much is that they balance the skills just for pvp, and leave pve alone, if they can doit with the dmg reduction im sure they can doit with the skills.

This way no loses out on there Tdps in pve ... so please blizzard just balance it best you can! It dose not have to be perfect but it can be so much better!
[quote="94360052274"]Frog ... pls tellme why IAS is important for a pvp wiz - i dont get it - thx :)[/quote

For ray of frost, it lets you hit a lot more in a shorter amount of time, which in turn gives you more chance to crit + fear.

for storm armor and hydra it increases damage, and chances to crit, as well as more chances to do multiple strikes with storm.

just does a lot more damage. Also allows you to cast spells a lot faster. IAS is mainly for if you're going to be heavily reliant on your ray of frost.

Blizzard is the only Wizard spell that is Not effected by IAS. (confirmed by blizzard guy)

If you are a heavy Blizzard user, ray of frost isn't your main attack so you don't need ias. But ias allows you to just deal a lot more damage in a very short amount of time. It depends on your play style. I generally don't like to give my opponents much time to think. I Like to think that i'm putting them into sort of a "panic" mode by dealing heavy damage right off the bat.

ias increases your attacks per tick for channeling spells as you stated in the first sentence, but it is also worth mentioning that your AP is consumed faster with higher ias. It also effects casting rate, which can be important for spells that stack like meteor, because you can get more of them out faster then with low ias.

07/11/2013 01:39 AMPosted by FR0G
for storm armor and hydra it increases damage, and chances to crit, as well as more chances to do multiple strikes with storm.

I have heard information contrary to this statement, which is that storm armor is independent of attack speed and that attack speed on effects hydra's casting rate. Further more crit chance will only be improved by attack speed in channeling attacks because you have more attacks, not because crit chance and ias are commensurate. If you know of people who have tested this, please provide links.

Additionally, the status of storm armor is unknown. Some say it is random while others propose there is a formula to increased strikes, but the consensus is that attack speed is not part of either. The strikes are most likely based on environmental factors with some stochastic elements in the formula. I base this opinion on two things: A prerelease video showing a wizard precisely using storm armor strikes on trapped enemies in stonefort, which unfortunately I cannot find a link to; and the other is personal experiences. I have observed that storm armor strikes more often if enemies are trapped or knocked up against walls, while it strikes less often if enemies are unconfined. I discuss the possibilities of environmental bonuses in this thread:
If opponent is dead, wont need any more AP :p

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