sever disconnection issue this morning

Technical Support
Im looking to see if there is a way to have my account turned back. At around 0800 this morning 7/9/2013 i was playing on my hardcore character when out of nowhere i experienced a huge lag spike and disconnect while playing. The disconnected from sever error stayed up on my screen without allowing me to exit the game via the windows button or even allow me to click the ok button on the error message. The game looked frozen in the back ground. I had to task manager exit out of the game client to restart the game and noticed my character was dead when i was able to log back onto the game. i tried to write someone on here and of course the forums were all down. I worked hard on this char and only have time to play when im not working and its a huge let down and disappointment that i have to deal with issues like this. If there is anything that can be done please let me know. Thank you

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