Diablo 2 runs: July 11th

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GAME NAME: oldschool
PASSWORD: kitten

I'm thinking about running some Diablo 2 tomorrow, in the morning/afternoon - I'll be hopping online, either on Starcraft or Diablo III to see if anyone of my friends is interested, but thought I'd also open this up to anyone who is interested from the forums - We'll be starting level 1's, and just running the game for the fun of it.

No, I'm not doing this because I dislike D3 - In fact, I enjoy the game greatly. This is moreso my old-school side kicking in, and wanting to play SNES/NES, and older computer games (I started Dune 2 last night, if that tells you anything).

I don't care what class you play - we could run 8 sorcerers for all I care.

I don't care what build you want to run... you could be OP as anything, or you could put your first 20 points into Warmth, and be useless on the battlefield. We're doing this for fun.

I do ask that you be moderately mannerly and respectful to the others in the group, assuming we have enough interest to start.

I also ask that you don't bring in your super-high-powered OP characters and gear... this run is about experiencing the game, and getting our own stuff - I don't care if people trade gear with others that they found, but having one person wreck everything because they were given sick-gear isn't as much fun for everyone else.

For now, the game will be just titled oldschool, and the password will be kitten, so if you don't get in touch with me, but want to join up anyway, feel free, as long as the game isn't full (I doubt it will be, but you never know)
I'll be down to play. Just let me know when a good time to play would be.
K - If you want to add me, my Diablo name is Shreazla#1217

I could be starting up as early as 7:00AM EST, but most likely will be later, depending on what people are interested in doing.
The game will be starting in 5 minutes, feel free to join up! Game name and info at top!
K; I jumped on and played up to level 6, but apparently no one is on this early - I'll be checking the forums about once an hour; if anyone is interested in playing, leave a message here, and I'll hop on after I see some people are on/interested (I don't want to outlevel people). I WILL either A) start a new character to help your level 1's out, or B) just help you power-level to get up to where I am... level 6 isn't that far ahead :)

Thanks all!
My apologies w0rd - I was trying to get an earlier group, as I was gone after about 10:00 today; I might do an afternoon, or later morning group tomorrow, since I don't have to be gone then.

Again, my apologies :( people just aren't up at 7AM Est apparently, lol

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