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08/01/2013 09:53 AMPosted by LightninBo
@robertvarga...... were you in the navy? I knew someone by yur name

rv is from europe, if u knew someone in the us navy, hes probably not the same guy
Ahhhhh! What happened to HolyFork's Gohm MP8 link! I used to link that all the time for showing people how to calculate eDPS.

I just finished a guide for a weird build that I've been running for the past year. It will probably go under "Other", but it's been viable for MP4-5ish so far:

The Bow Wizard
Blizz/Hydra build: Outdated unless you're poor or playing hardcore. The bog-standard of kiting wizard builds, this is what everybody used back when we were first clearing inferno in 1.0.2 and earlier. It's fallen out of favor now that we have more than 30k DPS.

While a blizzdra spec will never compare to archon or cm/ww builds in shere DPS and efficiency; it still can work fairly well up to at least MP 7 which is respectable.

It is most certainly not outdated, what is outdated is the opinion of these builds like mine which is melee centric and does not require kiting unless the encounter requires it....usually I just face tank. ;)


Been using this for a year now. It's not as bad as the OP claims.

Hop off the FotM bandwagon sometime and give it a go imo.

p.s. you are partially right that these builds are more friendly to 'poor' people since the entry level gear cost is much much lower than the top builds which is a good thing imo.
Do my low vit archon build
Hey Robert i'm thinking that we might like to put in the new budget cm/ww guide to the list it will go nicelly witht he budget archon ;)

here is the link to the guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9628662863

have a look through it and see what you think - I think it would be a good up to date addition to the compendium for new wizards and MrDuMa is keeping it updated ona regular basis. It looks good to me and there are some cool ideas in it for a cheap way into the cm/ww world. (patch 1.0.8a viable)

edited the actual link for guide in because i was a spastic 6 hours ago lol
I'll add it when I'll be bak home tomorrow.
You linked the d3up profile... and the name is "PatMcGroin"... not exactly a guide :p

The real link is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9628662863

Thanks for the add, RV!
lmao ^ man i'm an idiot clearly i posted that after my lobotomy late in the afternoon sorry.
Backup 2013/09/17

The Wizard Build Compendium

Welcome to the Wizard Build Compendium! Are you new to the class and not sure what kind of wizard you want to play? Are you a grizzled veteran, bored of your tried-and-true spec and looking for some new inspiration? Or are you an inveterate forum lurker trying to find that guide to that build you read that one time that had that video that'll help you win an argument with a barb over in the general forum? Whatever brings you to this thread, if you're looking for wizard builds, you've come to the right place!



(If you already know about wizard builds in general and just want links to specific guides, feel free to tl;dr this wall o' text and skip to the next section.)

So far, the combined wisdom of collective wizardry has developed builds that primarily fall into five broad categories:

Kiting Wizards depend on long-range skills and mobility to kill their enemies before they're in any danger, and when that doesn't work, run away. This is probably the easiest type of build to gear into, because all you really need is a little move speed and as much damage as you can muster. Kiting tends to become very inefficient at high MP levels, however, because as monsters get more and more health, the amount of time you have to spend running from them increases, and time spent running is time spent not doing damage.

Archon Wizards focus on the Archon skill ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/archon ), and keeping it active as much of the time as possible. Typically, this means combining the ability to kill a whole lot of enemies very quickly with some form of cooldown reduction, usually the Critical Mass passive. The skills used to back up Archon vary from build to build, but usually focus on doing a whole lot of damage and moving around very quickly, to maximize the amount of time you spend killing stuff. Archon builds are generally more expensive to gear for than kiting wizards, because they only work with relatively high DPS, but because they don't care about arcane power or attack speed, they can still be fairly affordable.

CM-Based Wizards combine Critical Mass ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/passive/critical-mass ) with spammable attack spells to reset the cooldowns on skills like Diamond Skin, Frost Nova, and Explosive Blast in order to cast them way, way more often than the good lord Blizzard ever intended them to be cast. The various flavors of CM wizards can achieve totally badass feats like perma-freezing enemies, dealing over 8x sheet DPS, and being constantly covered in diamonds. If you want to play wizard efficiently at high MP levels, CM is almost certainly the way to go. Unfortunately, because Blizzard insists on nerfing it further into the ground every single patch, CM is also the most expensive build category to gear for, with most builds requiring large amounts of attack speed, APoC, and critical chance to be effective, all of which are expensive as balls. Also hard on the fingers if you don't use keyboard macros. Hope you stole daddy's credit card and a wrist brace.

Melee wizards focus on front-line tanking, usually in conjunction with the Spectral Blades signature spell ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/spectral-blade ) or Ray of Frost secondary spell with Sleet Storm rune ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/ray-of-frost ). They typically play more aggressively, and depend on straight tankiness rather than the ability to permafreeze enemies for survival. Melee builds often make excellent low-MP rushers, which means they can be a good choice for Paragon farming. However, the new Ray of Frost - Sleet Storm builds started a new trend of melee wizards with their high effective damage suitable for highest-MP levels.

Other Wizards don't fall comfortably into any of the categories above. They usually suck, which is why they're sitting here in this lamesauce "other" category at the end of the section. You should play them if you like to feel edgy and different, if being put into a category makes you feel claustrophobic, or if you're trying to convince Blizzard to stop nerfing CM (protip: it's not going to work).

I'm also including a section on specialized wizard builds, that aren't designed to be your main farming spec but to achieve some specific purpose.



Kiting Wizards

Archon Wizards

CM-Based Wizards

Melee Wizards

Other Builds

Specialized Builds
  • PvP: Turtle Build: The King of Trolls build for PvP. Don't play with your real life friends. *GUIDE NEEDED*
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2EBcKUZppg
  • UberDeath: A build specifically for taking out the uber bosses efficiently.
    Guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004033112
  • Blizzard XP Farming Build: A build designed to rush through low MP as quickly as possible, killing with the fire-and-forget spell Blizzard with as little delay as possible.
    Guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7173257311





So, you've read through the compendium, but you're a Good Guy Greg, right, and you want to know what you can do to help? Awesome! Here are a few things that might make this post better:
  • Is there a build listed that's missing a guide? If you can find me one, or even better, write a good one yourself, lemme know and I'll update accordingly.
  • Did I miss a build that should really be on here? Of course I did! So tell me about it and I'll make sure it gets added.
  • Did I say something stupid, out-of-date, or just plain wrong in this post? Tell me about it, and if you explain to me convincingly why my post makes me look like a dumbass, I'll change it.
    If you need to let me know about any of these things, just post in this here thread, and I'll see what I can do.


Alright, that's all for the Wizard Build Compendium. Thanks for reading!
Lol, some guy reported this...
Damn, thx for info, made a backup
Hey RobertVarga, I've been a lurker since the forums started and have never really got big into posting (everyone beats me to what I want to say) just wanted to kinda get some word out there for another place to talk a bit off topic in a much more relaxed state with less constrictions.

I know this may get deleted/reported but it's worth a try and would keep more off topic threads elsewhere so they don't get locked/deleted.

The following forum is not meant to replace anything that is available on this forum, but a place for fellow wiz can talk/post off topic on whatever they want. Again not to take away from the experience here, rather a place for us to talk about movies, other games, or who knows what else. That's the beauty of it. And did I mention PM's, avatars, chat box, custom profiles, and more!!


I did not create the forum so I'm not trying to promote my own stuff, but I do think it can be a great place to discuss and create more of a relaxed community feel. It is still a work in progress but can become whatever we make of it.

Cheers and thanks for reading!


EDIT: more info and grammar. Poopoo engrish.
Robert if you have time please check out Saltydog's pvp guide - i think it might just fit the pvp turtle guide your looking for as well as overall pvp it has a few variations on each matchup and gear choices with videos - it's pretty sweet and it really makes you want to pvp even if you have no interest in it.

have a look: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10103580593
Definitely will add, in few mins

EDIT: Added
•Meteor Guide and FAQ: Meteors gonna hit harder in RoS and we all should get back to them ASAP.
Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10357946014
TekkZero: The Meteor Guide and FAQ.
Yodatoy: Wiz forums is fun, thanks to you.

Added to Credits
Blizzard/Hydra is absolutely still a top build, most people just make the mistake of needing a signature spell when really they should use disintegrate. I play on PS3 now so it won't show in my profile, but I have a great build I will share with you guys


always lead with hydra - slow time - blizzard, with the attack speed bonus and temporal flux it will give you plenty of melt them with disintegrate. you also dont need to rely much on gear, just make sure you have max MS and some life steal. A disintegrate helm makes a big difference too but is not mandatory.

You will eventually get to a point where you dont need Familiar. Sub it out for teleport - wormhole or magic weapon blood magic

If you're struggling for arcane power, swap out cold blooded for astral presence.

This build is highly efficient AND a lot of fun to play ... I dont know why it isn't more popular
11/16/2013 05:20 PMPosted by Foldz1984
This build is highly efficient AND a lot of fun to play ... I dont know why it isn't more popular

On what MP?

oh, there's your answer.

Most people around here don't respond unless a build works on MP10. So, unless it works on MP10, no body will be throwing you a parade for this new build.

Sorry, that's just the way it is.
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