Visually, What is Your Favorite Weapon in Diablo III?

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But it is so weak it made baby Jesus cry!!! ><; Please let it roll socket and lifesteal!

technically it does but not the triad

im a FD user but i sacrifice alot to get it into a decent attack speed..

@ Devs, being a 2 handed weapon doesn't mean it has a slow attack speed (compare with a real daibo)

on topic:

not all of us wants TOO MUCH ornaments on weapons.. keep the designs simply balanced through its aesthetics..

daggers are ment to be fast.. simple designs like this will incorporate deadly swift feeling into the weapon as it should.. daggers should offer a stabby aesthetics because they are not used to be like a gimp version of a sword..

all sword designs are great, this tops them all

this i could make an exception as it shows divinity as its blade is made out of some cold material as held by izual..

NOTE: how can visual items make a player feel that items they obtain is from a GOD or an ANGEL, and etc. ?
i agree with the design for all ceremonial knives as they are all jagged looking suggesting to rip apart flesh like rituals you see in the movies..
i take awe in this.. it really shows how mighty the mighty weapon really is..
very elegant. less ornaments (not 0%) the better
both are a nice example of Xbows.. makes you think that it is a sure kill when you pull the trigger..
a gem at the tip as the "power source" of the wand is a great idea
My bad, socket/LS and crit damage ;)
A staff that celestrially looks powerful, but with the devastation of a skorn.

It would have a floating cresent moon and stars while glowing purple, stemming from a black and white spiral handle. It would be worth equipping, with over 1400-1800 dps and have wiz specific bonuses like 20 APoC and meteor casting cost reduction.
The sickle

I love the way it looks and how its ready to rip...cuts from balls to chin.


Almost as gruesome looking as the sickle...feels more like an improvised weapon but those look the deadliest.


Is made of bone and it reminds me of Grimjow from bleach....what could I want from a spear.
I like 2 handed weapons the best visually, probably because they are not efficient (aside from skorn) and so they feel more unique. perhaps reworking some 2 handers to have a chance for crushing blow (as in a percentage life taken from enemies on hit) or crit chance.

and my personal favorite
I would have to go with the IK boulder could roll the same or similar stats to skorn
Azurewrath, for sure.

It's a shame that it can't roll random affixes or at least has a much higher chance to freeze. Damagewise it's definitely subpar...
all the mighty weapons look epic, except the masscre axe that looks dumb

axes i think look terrible, because they are too small on your characters

actually pretty much only mighty weapons look like they are the right size to take on the forces of hell

2 handers look good except i think skorn looks bad. (maybe just cause i see it too much)
I like Rabid Strike and Demon Hand fist weapons... now if only they were level 63. There are also some pretty sweet unusable daibos which couldn't compete with Skorn even at 63.

I like Ambo's Pride due to it's European Gothic look. It's long and slender, yet sturdy blade gives the weapon a look of lethality and causes one to think, yeah, I can totally picture a Knight wielding something like this in a battle long ago. The Devil Tongue... not so much. Whereas Ambo's Pride looks like it can chop off limbs and cleave heads, the Devil Tongue looks awkward and resembles a key more than a sword.

I think your artists should take Medieval weapons and add blizzard stylization, but they should always look lethal. How am I suppose to cleave a Treasure Goblin in two with a Devil Tongue?

I agree with the others who mention Azurewrath, it's a great looking weapon.


I like the Windforce because the Bow itself looks like a weapon suitable for a military archer and the swirling vortex effect really adds a legendary look to this awesome item.

Hand Crossbows

The Danetta's Set is really well designed aesthetically as the weapons don't just look good, but their artistic design really captures the class' mystique. Each crossbow complements one of the DH's two resource pools, the Spite with disc and the Revenge with Hatred regen. This theme of hatred and discipline was captured aesthetically by adding a flame to the Spite that is the same color as the disc pool and a flame with the same color as the hatred pool to the Revenge. Well done.


I am unhappy with the aesthetics of almost all the shields in game, the one exception being the Hoplon. The reason I like this little round shield is that it looks like a shield a foot soldier would carry into battle. Another reason is that it's design and metallic sheen lends it substance and elicits a response from a player like, yeah, I can totally see a demon breaking tooth and claw on this solid looking shield.

I really miss the the look of Diablo 2's Stormshield. If you please, could you add a D2esque kite shield to the game. Like I alluded to before, there is only one shield that looks like it would stop a Demon's blade, the Hoplon. The others just have no defensive substance to them.

I will say this, I do like the look of the Ivory Tower on my Templar. While I don't like the base design, the effect is awesome.


The Sun Keeper looks great, goes well with the Templar and a Knight/Paladin class if we get one.
Can't believe no one has said Balance yet. It has got to be the most amazing graphic in the game (when equipped).
just give me a good one hand x bow for gods sake
07/13/2013 11:51 AMPosted by Yes
not all of us wants TOO MUCH ornaments on weapons.. keep the designs simply balanced through its aesthetics..



07/13/2013 11:51 AMPosted by Yes
this i could make an exception as it shows divinity as its blade is made out of some cold material as held by izual..


Diablo III should have a mix of aesthetic themes (e.g. a Gothic Human/Military theme where the weapons are less ornamental with a focus on functionality and are made materials that humans/nephalem would feasibly use to fashion a weapon of war, and Angelic/Demonic themes that have fantastic otherworldly designs crafted of materials unfamiliar to men).

P.S. Here's an Idea for a powerful Demonic weapon with Life Steal: While equipped, lose 100 - 500 life per second.

Visually it's just beautiful, I got one a long time ago but it had really bad damage so I had to salvage it.

Because it reminds me of Silent Crusader from WoW.
I'd use a dual calamities. with no doubt.
My secound choice would have been a bow + quiver.
I really don't like the heavy slow 2 handed crossbow.

But because of the way the game was designed and budget limitations, I (and I think most none credit-card DHs) will never be able to get the same damage output as with a manticore + quiver, so that's what I'm using.
Spectrum is by far the most awesome looking weapon - you are holding a rainbow!

For bows, Uskang is way too overlooked- I just took a second DH to 60, and kept (a socketed) Uskang equipped well after I had higher DPS bows, just because it looked so menacing! (But yes, the wind effect of Windforce is more impressive.)

And Balance is a fun one to hold, too. The pulsating energy it shows is more impressive than the water ripples of Inna's Reach.
Agree with earlier made post. There is only one weapon with any power in this generation of Sanctuary.

The almighty Credit Card.

Wielding credit cards will allow you to bypass all aspects of playing the game and enable you to easily equip whatever you want.

How long has it been since a patch with any content in it? Answer - not long enough. Must keep waiting for another half a year at least.

While we're all waiting, why not swipe that power weapon a few more times.

Maybe all of your well thought ideas will be put into the console versions of the game.. At least that will be out before any more updates for the PC.

I guess you can just reequip your secret weapon - swipe that bad boy a few times for a console and ANOTHER copy of the same game and you'll see some of those cool items in action!
the horadric Hamburger, by far. wearing bacon cheese bracers..... mmmmm

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