Noob mistake. (Don't make my noob mistake.)

If any of my characters were hardcore characters, I'd be dead a thousand times over from all the stupid mistakes I've made, from vaulting headlong into fire chains elites with my demon hunter to leaping on top of the ball end of arcane sentries and standing in desecration while trying to get legendary items that dropped on my barb. (I get excited when I hear the distinct clanging noises of dropped legendaries or see a small orange star on my minimap, and often leap before I look, LMAO!)

Ugh, I do not want to relive those memories. That's one of the reasons why I play SC - I do stupid s*** when I play games.
Been there OP. HO SNAP! Extra hoorible loss
Same level of noobness here initially.Died 1 HC. Now second one..nothing beats the adrenalin rush when you think you are going to die! LOL!
I was lvling with a friend quick.. lvl 1 to 15 was tiring and exciting and I got complacent after I reached lvl 30. I joined a game and while I was equipping my new friend started clearing. And out of excitement again.. I went into his flag without asking if it's safe. I got killed instantly by the blast of the molten elites. (My friend killed them )
I just recently started playing hc a couple weeks ago. On my third wiz already, she's made it the furthest so far..just got to act 2 hell over the weekend. Other 2 both died in act 2 nm... one in VotA and the other coincidently in the Desolate Sands. Both died because I got comfortable and thought I could take on mp2/3 just fine. Nope!

I've been much more careful on MojanglesII so far tho. Definitely going to take ya'lls advice when I play again and ditch the ruby in her helm. I had a close call with her over the weekend... I was in Crypt of the Ancients in the festering woods and got hit by a huge lag spike while fighting the elite there... I was able to move away but couldn't attack.. got all of the way to the top of the level away from all monsters but my health pool WAS STILL DROPPING... I was like NOOOOOO!! Heart was pounding when my health dropped to zero. But...lag spike passed and I was fine lol.

Softcore does not offer the same sense of fear and excitement, thus I will probably not be touching my 8bil gold sc wiz again for a long time.
It happened on my newest WD. I had her whole leveling gear on me with gem.

I couldnt die, I had way too much hp and dps for the spot. Only 1 thing could kill me, the hellfire ball reflect.

We were 3 people in the game, 2 hellfire ring. I wasnt even looking at the screen while i was shooting my acid rain. Look back, the hellfire killed me again :( Thats the 4 times that I die from my own hellfire...
Lost two lvl 60 hardcore from internet failure. Blizzard has designed the game so you can't shut power to save yourself, monsters keep attacking even when disconnected.....WTF. I understand reducing cheating but this is dumb....the internet going out should not cause death.....this is about as dumb as the RGAH.
If this was you first time dying on highlvl hc.. the way you died seems quiet pro to me.. When blinkin/teleportting with wiz in d3, this situation you descripe happens often as you cant see where you are going (due to small screen/zoom distance).
The way you will die most often in hc is clearly by being disconnected or at least laggin for some critical seconds.

Specific with teleport skill i have being killed several times due to the skill auto-activating on its own. Its so anoying and clearly a bug! (has happened since release and still does blizzard!)

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