AH completely lost my item, Blizzard is helpless

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Cliffs: purchased an item, sent it to my stash. It never went. 5 days later, still waiting. Open a ticket and it wasn't even read. They say sometimes there is a delay after an auction ends...ummm thats not even my issue. My issue is the item getting lost when being sent to stash, the auction ended perfectly fine.

Then I get this gem back, that is basically saying "go pound sand".

"There really is not much we are able to do with the Diablo3 auction house, and I have done all of the back end of account stuff I can for this."

My stash isn't even close to full, and i've checked all pages of my stash at least 50 times. Also note, I haven't actually been in a game to play in about 2 weeks, just looking on the AH, so losing the item in game was not possible.

You can't do anything with your own game Blizzard?
Just another bug that won't be fixed. No worries, anything you say or do will never get them to fix it.
Hi Wk, we're going to be taking another look at the auction in question - I see that the item is listed as claimable, but the reason why you cannot yet grab it after this time is concerning. I do appreciate your patience. In the meantime, I do ask that you refrain from opening multiple threads in the forums about the issue. I'll be locking down this one, but we are going to be responding to your ticket that is currently opened as soon as we have checked this out again.

Please keep in mind that although our support staff will see whether items are listed as claimable or not, this may not be reflected the same in your own account - and it can take days for some auctions to process depending on the volume that's hitting the AH at that time. Again, this being said, we're pretty much at the end of that window of time - and I do think the item should have been available by now.

We'll be in touch in a bit, thanks :)

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