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I probably need more AR and some MS. IDK what else.... but if you think of something... tell me.
Hey bud :)
Great gears all around, completely mind blowing axe and nice chest pickup! That elite 7% reduction can beat out 12% life in some cases!
I agree with you about MS. It is just too useful in PVP. Unfortunately, it's expensive, and rightly so.

I'd say grab a new vile wards. If the int ward market is anything like str, it shouldn't be too expensive to grab an 11%+ life and bonus int/vit roll. Cheers!

Oh... rating, right. I don't know!
Whatever, it's enough to kill me :)
Not sure if I should switch to a ruby instead of an emerald in weapon.... also not sure if I should switch out for blackthorne's belt instead of witching hour......I'm in the process of trying to roll some decent razorspikes of vit or archon gloves of vit. ANY suggestions would be awesome! Thanks.
Bt belt, dph/ehp gloves, lacunis instead of rare mandatory Imo.
Very nice wiz! Probably cant get much better! 10/10 imo.
08/01/2013 03:05 PMPosted by DerfelCadarn
Very nice wiz! Probably cant get much better! 10/10 imo.

Here is some advice (assuming current profile is updated):


Your DPS and EHP are good but your max discipline is abysmally low. You need to use a SoJ for the +10 discipline and +30% damage to elites (then pick your favorite skill, like Impale or Rapid Fire). If you are not going to use Natalya's Legacy or Non-legacy set, then I would recommend more maximum discipline in your quiver and/or chest. Your attacks/second are rather high and you already hit the 1.67 breakpoint for Rapid Fire (current aps = 1.84). Thus, consider removing some unnecessary attack speed for other stats.

I am in my Rapid-Fire-Root-Cheese "Bunker-edition" setup, one of SaltyDog's favorites.
Definitely one of the best PvP DH's out there. Have to give iria a 10/10 for showing other DH how to beat them barbars !

Edit: I actually told f0x0nfire around the stats you had to kill me and he was doing much better vs me.
you dont need to change anything you just need my high mountain water potion.

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