Would like tips to improve my WD

Witch Doctor
Per title. Im having problems exceeding 150k DPS, dunno what else to improve. Every upgrade I see on the AH is too expensive and way beyond my bank account (30 mil only)


I like pets so I run with ZD and Garg. Would like to retain those guys in my quest for higher DPS. Thoughts, suggestions, and the like most appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Well your Blackthorne's items are all OK items but eventually I would suggest you get a life steal Skorn. Then you don't need all that life on hit. You can get a nice life steal Skorn for 10M gold with as much or more DPS than you have now.

Your build is interesting but your PtV is killing your bears. I suggest you put Locust Swarm/Devouring Swarm in your build to make mana for bears. When you hit a mob, throw the locusts a few times and let the bears rip.

I would also dump the garg, and put Hex in your build, to take down elites faster.

I suggest you start learning how to craft Archon/BoA items of intelligence and roll bracers, shoulders, gloves, and amulets.
Ok will look for Life Steal Skorn.

If I go Locust Swarm for mana, what do I replace?

Already started crafting Archon gloves of Int. So far no decent rolls so Im stuck with my current pair of gloves.

Will also try Hex to replace Garg.

Thanks for the tips

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