WTB manajuma knife 1k+ dps 95+ CD 3%ls socket

Witch Doctor
msg me in game treehealage#1944 or post on here
what are the exact specs

...just waiting for darkvoids offer on this
what do you mean, i'm looking to buy one with stats like that?

1st one that reply's is a total nuthugger
omg...its a WTB not WTS...sorry bro, i need glasses
I'd be willing to sell you mine. It matches everything you asked EXCEPT has 2.9 LS. It does have perfect 50% weapon damage though. See my profile for the piece.
how much?
I'd like to get back at least what I paid for it. It was not cheap. What were you thinking?
shoot me a price then we can talk or message me in game treehealage#1944
I am selling my.

Still the No1 max crit max LS socket MCK on the US server.


evidence for the No1 ranking on 100 crit and 3%LS


But it won't be cheap at all, hehe

I am currently out of town, but will log on from time to time. Drop me a note if you are interested

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