For giveaway - 60M Skorn set solos MP10 ubers


Giving this set away. Requirements are simple- you must have a level 60 barb, preferably at least paragon 10 or so, and this gearset must be an upgrade for it, and must be better than the gear on any other characters you may have.

Naturally looking for someone who wants to dive into some of the harder content in the game and won't simply sell the gear nor let it sit and rot.

Post here if you're interested, will pick a winner at random a week from today. I reserve the right, however, to not enter you into the drawing if I think you're not deserving.
xxxkan gave me 60M to build a Skorn set for a giveaway. I've recently been tempted to make a set around an IAS Skorn and 3 slots of IAS for high EHP, and this was a good chance to to give it a shot.

Made sure to have it reach the 17 tick dtww breakpoint, 24% MS, 3 fury HotA reduction, 5 fury rend reduction. No compromises on quality of life.

Reaches almost squarely 100k DPS without passives, 136k DPS with. 940K EHP per diabloprogress, 740k per d3up at paragon 95. Naturally the stats will be dramatically lower without paragon.

Looking at the end product, I figured it looked like it could pass the standard "MP10 capable" benchmark. No need for noob cry, bloodthirst being standard for IAS Skorn builds.

Only made one attempt, didn't go perfectly tbh, died twice to siege due to overconfidence ("concrete feet" as Death would call it) and ended up losing wotb in my successful kill, but it was easily preventable. And of course no good positioning on ghom. Definitely won't set any records, somewhere in the 12 minute territory for all 3 first hit to death.

But it shows that its quite straightforward to make a set that has the defenses to handle ubers on MP10 quite easily with minimal need for survivability skills, and doesn't make any notable compromises elsewhere. Can farm MP10 pretty comfortably but slowly. I'd imagine it should average <30 seconds per elite on MP8.

The main principle to keep in mind which most newcomers don't pick up on is that this is a budget set, thus it doesn't attempt to use high-end pieces. No witching hour, no inna's, no ice climbers, no mempo, no IK chest nor gloves. Lacunis were a must for the movement speed. Otherwise, going with the cheaper alternatives also allowed for much higher defenses than one would typically see on this budget. The beauty of the IAS Skorn is that it lets you hit high breakpoints (by 2h standards) with just 3 slots of IAS, allowing for tons of gear flexibility and easy high EHP.

Almost all of the gear was from lazy buyouts.

Gear breakdown:

IK helm: 8M
Shoulders: 2M
Amulet: 7M
BT chest: 4.75M
Gloves: 5M
Lacunis: 3.8M
Left ring: 5.9M
SoJ: 3.67M
IK belt: 4M
BT pants: 2M
IK boots: 2M
Skorn: 5.91M

Comes out to around 54M without gems, just below 60 with.
Nicely done! Now u make me look useless
I'd hardly say that heh...but on 60M you can't afford to always kill things faster than they kill you :p
IK strides are a very underrated gearing option in my honest opinion.
some awesome stuff in there
Nicely done Silverfire
Is this barb for sale silver? I've got like up to 40m hardcore gold (US) which should equate to 120 SC.

I need a break from hardcore, got my !@# owned.
nice bard building
Great job @silverfire, lowest dps i know of being able to handle mp10 ubers. Lowest budget i know of also.

Enough ehp to live through burst, enough sustain to survive, enough damage to kill. GG.
Very well done. I though it was impossible to do it buying out several pieces!

Awesome :)

Kans giving away golds?!? Ill have to add him ^_^
Great work Silver!
Damn, that was great work there Silver. And on a 60 mil budget. Pretty interesting.
Very nice job silverfire!
Nicely done :)
Maybe I qualify for this set, pleazee!

feeling a little bit lucky.. hehe
Do I qualify?
Maybe I qualify for this set, pleazee!


Yeah you can qualify if you trade your current one in for it, it's not very good, no problem right? :)

07/13/2013 04:46 PMPosted by Anubls
Do I qualify?


07/13/2013 03:00 PMPosted by Ironmigs
feeling a little bit lucky.. hehe


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