For giveaway - 60M Skorn set solos MP10 ubers

07/14/2013 05:23 AMPosted by Planet
Good stuff Silverfire, I think a heap of people need to look at this (A great example of a set from somebody who knows how to gear well) very generous, my hats off to ya. Good luck to those in need.

Thanks, I hope that this can show some general gearing principles to the less experienced. Especially when I see people with hundreds of millions or even billions in gear having trouble with ubers and/or needing war cry, etc.

And guys, please don't bother entering if you have characters worth well over 60M.

Here's a hint- if a couple of your gems can buy out this whole set, you're not eligible.
Please add me if I qualify.

I fairly sure that my set is worth less that the 60M you mention.

I found the Skorn, Ice Climbers and Innas and did a 10 shot on the shoulders at the blacksmith.
The rest i followed a guide on youtube and built for 6.4 Mill. Another 15M on Jeweler costs.
Please add me, if I can. Just gettting back into game again paragon level maybe a little low.
I'd like to put my hat in the ring, maybe trying out a skorn barb will make me like the game again.

cheers to silverfire

and congrats to who ever wins
Me too please.
Is this barb for sale silver? I've got like up to 40m hardcore gold (US) which should equate to 120 SC.

I need a break from hardcore, got my !@# owned.

Missed this, if you add me I can help you gear a similar one, or you can just follow the direction and prices of the gear I used. I'm giving away this particular set, but it's easy to reproduce it on this budget.
07/13/2013 07:48 AMPosted by Llama
Damn, that was great work there Silver. And on a 60 mil budget. Pretty interesting.

Inspired by your barb. Think of it as a version that's 1/1000th of it. :)
I always wanted to do Ubers..maybe this will be it :)
I'll throw my hat into the ring.
Mighty nice of you to have this give away. Hopefully I qualify!
Currently trying to farm A3 MP2 sometimes 3. If I fit the bill great if not any tips on what next upgrade should be would be welcomed.
Gah wish I was high enough! Oh wells good luck to the rest of you guys that are already there :P
Sign me up please.
I'm broke and horny, where do I sign?
I would like to be considered as well. Just returning to the game, think these will all be big upgrade for me!
Awww i would like to be included too :D
Lovely sets ~~ Count me in... love the whole set
Will announce winner shortly.
Can I still apply? This set is a good upgrade for my MP7 barb.. I am still struggling with ubers... I am plvl46
07/20/2013 05:28 PMPosted by LuckyStrike
Can I still apply? This set is a good upgrade for my MP7 barb.. I am still struggling with ubers... I am plvl46

Well...I guess you live up to your name. I put the range in a random number generator, and it picked the last number, you. Add me up to collect it.

For everyone else, stay tuned, I had enough fun with this that I'll probably do another one for dual wield and possibly S&B as well.
i want part of it for upgrade

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