Anyone have a legit badass rare TH Mace?

Witch Doctor

Tri poxes are nice, for, a Wizard

For a WD.

Double Int/vit roll, Average Damage, Crit chance is better.

I have tried a Tri pox.

Look at alot of other top Docs's

The IAS you will see will be Nil.

Once you start doing mp10 only, mana DOES become an issue.

Dont waste your gold. Been there. Done that.
but hey, if u wanna buy mine, i put on my Wiz. message me in game.

Real money only. and bring your checkbook. As its a a legit non dupe un-like alot of them
Hey guys upgraded my boots.

New ones have:

8% Poison Damage
347 Armor
183 Dex
183 Intel
94 Vit
77 Ar
12% Move Speed

SICK dex roll..... everything went up including intel and vit. Gained .05 Protection

Old Boots had:

8% Poison Damage
321 Armor
179 Intel
78 Vit
76 Ar
60 Arcane
12% Move Speed

My Dex is around 600 now. lol.
500+ Dex is great to have Gives 20% dodge.

If get hit while channelling from certain types of enemies (savage beats etc) you will need to recast.

very under-valued stat on a 'Doc
Actually I just reposted them.

I bought different boots.

8% Damage
181 intel
73 AR
12% movement speed
6 pickup radius

The radius is vital. Even without the dex from the boots im still at 17% dodge.
So you can see with my skorn, you could get a perhaps modest DPS boost of about 5k:

Where as when I looked at the top level doom hammers, they were all a significant DPS loss.

Just saying watch out for better skorns.

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