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any one know of a good free program to log tempatures for CPU & GPU?
I use CPUID but there is no logging tool on the free version.

I am SOE for planet side 2 wants me to record my temps they think my insta desktop crashes might be tempature related how ever my tempss on the gpu never go over 130F and my cpu never goes over 125F.
I use MSI afterburner for GPU
i use msi afterburner for gpu and core temp for cpu
The two programs I use to monitor my GPU and CPU temperatures are MSI Afterburner and HWINFO. Both of them are free, and with proper configuration, can display the temperatures directly to you in-game using Riva Tuner OSD, which is automatically installed when you install MSI Afterburner.
Since the new patch this seems to not work anymore. I have RT which came with Afterburner und HWinfo and it works in other games, but not in diablo or steam games anymore...
Is there a fix?

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