Debating between WD and Barb

Witch Doctor
I have a level 60 Monk and Wiz. Is a WD more fun then a barb?
is this a joke?
WD all the way.
Personally, WD in patch 1.08 can put out HIGHER damage then a Barb, kill white trash faster, kill elites faster. Barbs CAN move faster due to Run Like The Wind.

Asking "What is more fun?" tho is an subjective question. It DOES depend on what you like.
Barbs CAN move faster due to Run Like The Wind

yeah, I'm currently losing the P level race with a bud who picked up barb recently; granted, he's 320k DPS unbuffed so he just runs and mows everything down :/

WD is very fun, but 'stop to kill' is a bummer. Monk has been my favorite toon so far
WD suck ballz, play a barb and u WIN!!!
^^ using level 33 (!!) EF w/ 53 DPS I totally agree :P

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