What should I upgrade to get beyond 150K DPS

Witch Doctor
Hi fellow WD. Sorry for another "what should I upgrade thread"

I am running COB build and I am struggling to increase my DPS further. I have 140K unbuffed DPS, 60K life, 4100 armor and 625 AR. I can survive okay in MP9, but with my unbuffed DPS only at 140K, I am not that efficient. I generally do MP7-8 ..


I have around 30 million + whatever gear I have on my monk to invest on my WD. All the gear on WD cost less than 10 million per piece, except for skorn (donation), shoulder (pickup) and glove (pickup), so I have never been rich (or not poor :p )

Any suggestion to what I can upgrade would be greatly appreciated. I am currently hunting for pants to up my AR, but anything I want would cost >30mil along with losing 400 armor. (230+vit, 130+int, 2 sockets, 60+AR, dex or random resist).

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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