Expansions for consoles question?

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Will future expansions be available to ps3/4 xbox360/one?
I'm quite sure Blizzard will add the same expansions to the console version of the game, as they will for the PC version, I can't imagine a reason they shouldn't.
Hello, yea I'm sure they will add the expansions to PS3/360...but they most likely won't be called expansions...they will call them DLC's...it's like with Skyrim...if you play Skyrim on Pc both DragonBorn and DawnGuard are called expansions...if you are like me and play on PS3...they are called DLC.

And yes i am one of few people to play Skyrim on Ps3 and have almost no problems with the game...unlike others seem to...i guess...that is what they say anyways.... .... ...sooo yea..

Thank you for reading.

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