Help me break 400K

Completely joking there however I have finally reached my goal of 300K unbuffed(no scoundrel)

It has been quite a journey please see

"Help me break 200K or close to it"

"Help me break 300K"

Not alot of love on the 300K post but I did get some help via chat.

So FInal Stats are

300K DPS
4627 Armor
AR 905
LOH 929
AS 2.74
Life 64K :)
EHP 614K without Dodge/716 with Dodge
Total Mit 89.54........

This is not the final iteration...add some here/take some away there just where I'm sitting now...Always tweaking stuff :)...but it is a milestone for me!

Thanks Tekk for asking me the question so long ago "Whats your your AR" and pointing out it was way low :).

Thanks Steel for the ACT 2 Solo KW mission......To be in the union LOL....spent alot of time wailing on that dude.

Thanks Yoda and Boozor for the gear.

**Edit ....Oh and freaking Aimless I chased your butt since you broke 100K.....Def inspired me!!! too bad your gone!

And finally Thanks to all the forum regulars who make the wiz community a great place to hang out!
A hearty congrats on 300k DPS (and still maintaining an excellent level of defense too)! You da man... and a really nice guy to boot! :)
Gcanum, you got a lovely wiz. two thumbs up.
Lol, those bracers. Oh my.
Good meteor run the other day :>
Very nice well rounded wizard.

Still more you can do, but right now she's mighty pretty.

edit: PVP rank #71.
now for the next tier =)

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