Worst Item on WD above u!

Witch Doctor
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Very very nice WD. You've certainly earned your medical license.
All great pieces, no weak pieces, but if I had to suggest an upgrade, it would be your Witching Hour. The PUR is great, and the other main rolls are excellent. But, that strength could be more VIT. Although your armor is at a perfect 4k. Tough call. just my 2 cents.

Absolutely amazing Wiz (your WD is half nude).
Monstrous crafting. Well done.
Your Zuni pox and Zuni boots need some more work. Pox could go trifecta (but probably should wait until i63 pox's debut), and Trails could use some more vit.
Hard to tell... Very nice gear! Probably gloves and shoulders, since crafted could be better, though not so easy to get without some luck.

How's your mana management? I'm too aiming to get high AS, but I was planning to get some mana regen to counter the huge mana costs.
08/12/2013 05:44 PMPosted by Meredoth
How's your mana management? I'm too aiming to get high AS, but I was planning to get some mana regen to counter the huge mana costs.

I melt MP10 with CoB, and the attack speed helps CoB tick so much faster. Casting animations are also much smoother. Gameplay just feels more responsive.
To offset mana cost, I always pepper the screen with Widowmakers. I'm at 2.25 APS, so I always spend about 3 seconds peppering the screen, and then no mana issues. I either kill the mobs by the time the spiders expire, or I have to re-locate myself anyway.

I used to have lower attack speed (1.89), which let me reach the full 5 second CoB without any mana issues even without Widowmaker support. But, in the end I feel that the higher burst and the need to relocate combined with the more fluid playstyle was worth it. The sheet dps epeen !@#$%^ don't hurt either.

right back at you. crafted shoulders!
Also, your mainhand could use a bit more weapon damage. And your mojo could use some more Intel. :)
@meredoth I would say your gloves. Always chd before asp. Then to get Ar on another slot to boost.

@castablanca similar to meredoth.... Tnt could do with chd rather than asp. Beast of a doc you have there.
@kurOsawa Nice WD, any upgrade would be insanely priced, like a near perfect zuni pox. You dont't see many manajuma's off hands but yours is nice so not sure if a 10% crit other off hand would be better or not.

For the guy after me, I got 88 mil and deciding what upgrade is most important for me so help is appreciated.

88m and you need some advice? Oh man I got some tips for sure you can utilize :D

- For a quick little dps boost (I think) you might be able to grab an attack speed and crital hit damage zuni ring in that price.

- I can tell you from experience gems go a long way. Try to upgrade your gems as far as they can go and utilize that INT , more INT = more all resist :D

- You got some SEXY magic find my friend. However, maybe you can sacrifice one piece for some vitality? I was thinking you can grab some 100 vit+ inna's pants for quite cheap.

- My last tip , try doing some test runs againt "Ghuam (spelling) , the huge fat boss guy with a mouth for a stomach. Try test running a green gem in your weapon and a red gem in your weapon. See which one add's more damage and if anything I feel you can get a 1000+ sword with lifesteal and critical hit damage for 50-60m.

Hope that helps :D

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