Worst Item on WD above u!

Witch Doctor
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You have too much life % and not enough vitality or CC to boost your DPS.

I'd recommend a better Zuni Chest with 220+ vit instead of life%, pants with higher vit, or Zuni Helm with CC. Also grab a Zuni ring instead of your yellow ring, and consider Zuni boots.

Your gloves and amy should last you through a lot of other upgrades though.

you need a WD
@ battletag. Your pants are missing Vit.
@tellyserve Your pants are missing Vit. :)
@ Tellyserve Not finding the resist or any mana regeneration. What mp do you run that WD at? You got AS like crazy.
my guess is telly brought his gearing ideas over from his DH toon and went a bit high on the atk speed =D just as I did the same by bringing my gearing ideas over from my WD toon to my DH toon and went a bit high on the mitigation =D

don't need to point out which item is the worst on me. I already know the answer...T^T
@ Eremite

Dooode! I added your WD to my favorites tabs. Never seen a build like yours with gear like that . Very different and I like it A LOT! If you were thinking the your belt then me too. I feel you might be able to lose a little vitality and pick up some life % , I was looking today and there are some nice cheap ones around if you look hard enough. More life homie! :D

Tuff 2 judge a zdog set, but maybe the offhand could use more damage. 30-50 seems low even though other stats look good. Other than that, good gear.

Not much weak points, but I would go for pauldron or boots, get rid of the regen and get armor?

Edit: Oops, im on us forums.. I play @ Eu, link to my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Muikku-2378/hero/8494717

u dont have any shoulder quipped right now. so thats what idsay to upgrade lol(im sure u have shoulders im just saying)

otherwise ur boots u could get 8% ele damage and prob some more int. and u could prob get some more vit on ur marrow. otherwise not to bad.

Top notch gear. I guess probably the wasted MF roll on your shoulders but would be tough to equal the other stats. Alternately a 10% cc amy, but same story there.
Do you really need those vitality gems in your pants? Try some int gems and I bet you won't go back! Otherwise, good stuff!
Probably the shoulders - could go with a good Vile Ward.


I know, I know, I need a lot of help including gems, but I can't afford anything right now. Still, what do you think needs the most help out of ALL the items I have?

Need to save up for a CC Zuni Helm, but in the mean time you could probably get better Zuni boots.


Regarding vit gems in my pants, the problem is that my mitigation and EHP are right on the bubble of getting one shotted by burst damage (e.g. a fallen explosion). I really need to roll some bracers or gloves with vitality on them without sacrificing much of the other stats and then I'll flip to int gems in an instant. But the lottery gods haven't been kind to me yet.
@Astralwolf I would personally say Zunis Boots, I prefer Armorstacking those

could someone do me plz?
@Woolvarine - drop dex on zuni chest - get 270+ vit on chest - remove you vit gems and replace with int ones. Craft bracers.
@kurOsawa - pretty top end all around. If I had to look for places to upgrade, I'd say your gloves and your amulet offer the most potential for upgrading but in both cases it would be unlikely to find something drastically better.


thanks =D I was actually thinking the shield haha. my hour was more a balancing item. was trying to hit certain targets and that hour happened to have the stats I need hehe.


I was almost certain this thread will die when you posted lol. doly already commented but I'll say it is your shoulders. it is so good it is probably not real. vendor it and get a real one =D


wow incredible stats. every piece is top top end. if something has to go, its probably the bracers. if you feel lucky you could craft a better one =D also you are running bears but don't seem to have any PuR which might lower the usefulness of GI when you bears instead of CoB.
08/09/2013 05:08 AMPosted by EremiteAngel
also you are running bears but don't seem to have any PuR which might lower the usefulness of GI when you bears instead of CoB.

It's funny you should mention that. I just replaced my PUR vile ward with the double vit one. That was exactly my concern when I did it (seduced by the eHP gain). I do think that the loss of PUR for GI is noticeable when casting bears sometimes. I haven't decided if I will go back or not.


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