Allow us the option to see sellers' names on AH

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This will never happen
07/19/2013 12:38 PMPosted by Garthandal
I don't want to talk to you people. Bother someone else.

But I want your item really bad plox! I will give you 1/2 of your BO and a gidbin!

I cracked up hard
If people can just message the seller via Ah how will bliz get there 15%…
Then you have a choice:
1.Buy overpriced gear

if it sells its not overpriced
I'd like to see a simple: Make an offer option if say even the starting bid is too high. A lot of people put the min bid at the buyout. this is annoying to me.
You can already do what the op is asking for you just have to use diabloprogress. Ive had people contact me about stuff I have for sale in the AH and people have contacted me about stuff I dont have listed for sale and also dont have equipped.
no idea what people in here arguing about what's irony or not... as the topic of this thread already stated that he wishes to have an "option".
It's a great addition indeed but if that's the case it MUST also allow the option to hide ID.

Oh wait OP is actually asking to force everyone to show their ID in AH. You as a fellow player like others simply don't get to dictate how others play their game. Some don't like exposing themselves to spams or to save time.

LOL @ "Oh I can see it now:
"WTF you want 2 bil for that POS?!""

"WTF you want 2 bil for that POS?!""

A prospective buyer here. What's wrong? The color? What color would you like it in? Blue? Oh so you like blue? If I could get in in blue?????
Haven't read the thread but yeah, this idea is never going to happen and for obvious reasons.
07/19/2013 12:21 PMPosted by Durabolin
atleast expand channels to hold more people
posted by OP

lol why? yesterday and today i jumped channels three times (logging in and logging out three times each day) because I thought the 16 ppl in general and the 9 ppl in trade chat were mistakes lol but the most I found was 20 ppl in one general chat so I stopped there.

Showing poster's name is a terrible idea. I post my stuff on the AH so i can have EVERYONE one be a customer not one person or 99 ppl (or now-er-days 19 ppl). I also post so i can have an easy, non time consuming process where i don't have to worry about being scammed. (yes some improvements have been made but i don't want my 2000000000 g transaction to be the one where a new scam is found) Thanks but no thanks
Let me summarize:-

1. OP wants a feature, additional programming works for Blizz, to accomplish his goal to make an offer for items that he cannot afford.

2. OP thinks that a large player base of D3 probably welcome this option,to reveal their names and to communicate regarding whatever item listed on AH

3. OP thinks that existing trade channel and trade forum are not functioning.

4. OP calling other people idiots if they do not agree with his/her idea.


1. No, Blizzard won't. It is because of the reasons as below.

2. Lowballers and spammers will always outnumber genuine offers. It is proven with the number of gold spam requests they are experiencing. Most players will opt for hiding their identities.

3. Trade channels and forum are not popular because of spammers and unreasonable lowballers. You will not get genuine offer in chat channel. So, most people just stay away from it. The population gets smaller and smaller. Proven as well.

An item can keep on being listed at such a high price because there is still rich people who actually buy. You may think that an item being asked for 1b is just way too much, but after listed for 2 weeks, someone( probably credit card players/rich adult/people with S$500,000 yearly income) may buy it. This will affect the next item this seller lists on. The effect grows. Mind you, many players are above 35's .

4. You call others an idiot because they don't agree with you?
I am sorry, that suits you more.
07/19/2013 12:47 PMPosted by Saturos
what about contacting the seller with some sort of pin board. Where the maybe buyer can choose to show his name/battle tag. And the seller can choose to get in contact and show his name to one person/response of his choice on the pin board or otherwise stay anonymous.

I think this is called ''the forums'' the poster of an item can post the item in the forums in addition to the AH if he/she is interested in having an in game trading experience

yeah its clearly the worst idea ever when its currently in effect in WOW. - posted by OP

On wow you have to deal with the 250 - 5000 people on your server and you get the note in your MAILBOX not during a HC uber fight. In D3 your name would be available to the 1 million - 3 million people in your AH zone, i.e. all North America

And if bliz has the time and manpower to implement some new window for this horrible idea then there are a whole lot of other things I rather them be working on ... just saying....

Somehow I get the sense that the OP NEVER had a 2B item to post and wants to own 2Beez items. and is fighting for his 'right' to get GG items for less than 2 Beez.....
07/19/2013 11:22 AMPosted by Durabolin
Economy is broken right now and seeing some of the prices people ask for some items is insane. These are the items people need to progress but they are just simply out of reach.

Ask and beg nicely maybe some ppl will spare you some junks.

But no, you are entitled to ****
07/19/2013 04:21 PMPosted by MisterAjikko
no idea what people in here arguing about what's irony or not... as the topic of this thread already stated that he wishes to have an "option".

Well I don't want to hear from him or anyone else about the ah. that said it will never happen. The rmah has privacy concerns, and it would play chaos with the gah. Bid what you want and get over it.

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