The New and Improved Super Duper Monk Club

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Hiya boss (Laurelynd) I have re-opened the Club. It's up to you if you are letting in new members (I know BumblyWumbly wanted in). I have also procured some doughnuts if KJ decides to forgo his diet (so he doesn't eat anymore paper). :)
I'm not sure what this Super Duper Club is,
but if it's bad, don't do it, yo.
Woohoo its back.

When I hit 200k do I get a cape?

Less than 4k left to go
I'm in it for the food.

Especially those little ribs.
How can you possibly improve on "The Super Duper Club", I'm going to bump that thread and rename it "The Super Duper Club +Infinity".
I'm not sure what this Super Duper Club is,
but if it's bad, don't do it, yo.

Using drugs is bad. Even as a metaphor.
We shall have to wait and see what types of improvements our new president Laurelynd brings to the table. Sorry Bumbly still waiting for her approval of your membership. :)

Weegee just don't end up eating all our paperwork like KJ :P
Wonder what the new President is doing on this long and quiet Sunday.
Hope it's not what I'm doing (working)...... :(
Do you have to provide your own cape, or do you guys take care of that?
Well, mine was made from napkins (since I serve the food and beverages) but I heard regular members should get a club issued cape. Gonna have to verify with Laurelynd on that one. :)
Well, well - look at that! I take off for the weekend and what do I find when I come back?! Not only the Club has reopened, but now I'm officially referred to as Boss!

Well done, Wannabee, I see you've taken care of Scrapz's shoddy boarding job. I take it that axe of yours came quite handy, it would have taken me ages to pull out the nails with the prongs of my WKL. I'm sure that effort deserves a gratuity of sorts, but since the treasury is currently empty, all I can hand out is titles. Henceforth, consider yourself promoted from Lunch Lady to Head Butler. This would also facilitate the investigation, should any mysterious murder cases occur in future. In the mean time - here's the key to the Pantry, guard it with your life and whatever you do - don't let KJ anywhere near it!

KJ - your membership is reinstated, on condition you persist with watching your diet and immediately move that canoe out of the hot tub. Kayaking is an outside sport, so please take your rowing practices elsewhere.

I'm also willing to consider extending an amnesty to Scrapz. Should the silver dining set miraculously reappear in its display case by noon tomorrow, we'll pretend that it has never gone missing and forget the ordeal.

I'm not sure how I feel about the ongoing notion concerning Club members wearing capes. I guess I'm going to allow it this time, but I should warn you that I'm going to veto any future attempts to complete the uniform with a matching pair of Superhero-style trunks. I need not remind you that we are Super Duper, not Super Diaper Club.
ummm ... I would like to be part of this club.

If I am accepted, I would like my badge to be an Excel spreadsheet which, upon closer inspection, has a cell selected with a complex formula and, if you look closer still, you can see that the formula refers to ANOTHER excel spreadsheet (which is found on the opposite side of the badge).

For my credentials, I will present this D3Up profile showing how I can get to 300k dps with my gear that I acquired using the prestigious method of "buying stuff on the RMAH for dollars earned in real life" :D

-Druin, the happy monk
Head Butler!!! I got a promotion!!!!!! Awesome :)

Hey boss, I think BumblyWumbly is still waiting for membership approval.

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