The New and Improved Super Duper Monk Club

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Sorry to leave you by yourself boss, but we have a possible hurricane coming. I'll MSG when I can. :)
Morning guys, morning boss. Still here the storm hasn't quite hit yet. Sucks being at work when my wife and son are at home... :(
Morning guys, morning boss. Still here the storm hasn't quite hit yet. Sucks being at work when my wife and son are at home... :(

I'm glad to hear all is fine with you at the moment and hope you persist with this state. Isn't there a chance to take the day off (or at least the afternoon, maybe)? Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing more than some wind and heavy rain, but the way those things play out sometimes - it probably isn't wise to leave a woman with infant out of arm's reach, in such weather conditions. At the very least, I hope your home is on a high ground or someplace else, that is not prone to flooding.

Hope everyone else has a good day, too! (%
:) thank you for your concern boss. We live at a higher elevation so flooding shouldn't be an issue. I work at a resort so no chance of leaving early. Although if it gets bad ill send myself home early. :)
Well that was a big commotion for nothing....apparently the storm fizzled and died out and all we're stuck with is very hot and humid weather.
Glad to hear that you're safe and sound. Speaking of safe and saound, the lead singer of capital cities be a top monk. He has a top hat at the start of the video.
07/28/2013 03:14 PMPosted by Wannabee808
Bananas and Phantom as I am only her second, I cannot approve your membership application. Once she completes her Zoo outing I believe the Boss will have a reply ready for you. :)
Gee, this place is literally falling apart if I'm not around, to stamp and sign applications! I need to get myself a new secretary, since the old gender-neutral hag seems to have vamoosed for good (not sure whose good that would be, though).

Very well, iGoBananas and SteelPhantom are officially admitted as the Club's newest members, here's your passes and Welcome! packages. However, your enunciation party will have to be postponed until early next week, as tonight is Girls Night Out party. More information in regards to this upcoming event may be found in KJ's anti-Nats thread. It's come-as-you-are kind of soiree, just don't forget to bring any boots you have your Stash that may need polishing - we don't want KJ to just sit in the closet with nothing to do.
Welcome aboard guys! Remember to design your cloaks!
Snakes on a plane!!!
08/02/2013 10:54 PMPosted by KamelJabber
Snakes on a plane!!!

KJ, did you let the snakes out of the terrarium? Remember that little conversation we had, when you brought them in and asked if we could keep them? Yes, that's what I meant when I said that they can't be walked (or slithered) around on a leash.

Oh, no - you have also waxed the tarantula! The poor hairless thing! Well, that takes the cake! It's now official - effective immediately, no pets are to be further permitted on Club grounds, for the sake of their own protection.
KJ! Waxing the tarantula??!! That's too far even for you!
I havent found Druin. Boss, may I pretty please have a pass :)

I promise to behave.
Time for the SDMC to rise from the ashes in response to all the "club/clan" talk.

Good grief, I thought that thing was dead and buried! Necroing it is all fine and well, but now who's going to maintain and update it?!

Besides, Druin seems hellbent on taking the wheel of the guild they're forming in that other thread, I can't really see him captaining that ship and doorkeeping on this one!
Hehehe sorry I'm bored at work and seeing that other thread......well...I couldn't help myself :P

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