1000+ dps Calamity Give Away -ENDED-

Demon Hunter
I won't be home until Monday, so those of your that needs it have to wait a bit.
Hi KirusAlufras,

Sorry if i'm hijacking your thread but i bought a bunch of unid calamity too recently. I would like to giveaway some calamities to those DH who are starting out as well.

Please note that the ones I have are all non-socketed but some are 1300 and 1200 dps. If you are interested, you may add me via friend request.

18 calamity left including 2 os (960 and 1001) come if you still need one.
I have a few
1250-non socket calamity
1150, 1189, 1130 with socket.
I just need radiant red/green or ingredients.
come take my stuff before I brim them

@nanami: can i have the 1189 with socket?

I wont be around for the end of this month so bumping for anyone else that need.

If not brimstone when I get back in September.
Just came back from a long break, and have like no gear lol. Would love a spare one
Come take my Calamity Still got these left

I have a decent windforce that I use, but a 1000+ calamity would be awesome. I'm Para 8. Most of my gear is on my monk. I keep going back and forth. I get bored on monk and want to use my DH but then he dies a few times and I go back to monk. *sad panda

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