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With the games release drawing ever closer, I've come to wonder if it will be available over PSN. I know usually the Playstation Store is slow on new game releases, and players are frequently better off to buy the disc anyway. However, if there's any hope of a PSN release, would prefer it to disc. Any greens or blues able to comment on this, if it's at all known?
This is a good question I haven't heard anything about. Lets see if we can poke a blue into trying to find out for us.

I'm honestly not sure if adding something to the PSN store is a sony thing or a blizzard thing(or a bit of both).

While I'll be getting the disc version myself, I do know more and more people like being able to load games without changing discs.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
Thought I'd bump this question to the front of the page, anybody hear anything yet? :-)
digital version will be a great idea, just click download and play nice
I wonder if a blue can comment on this perhaps? :-)

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