seeking help from anyone other than Rii

i need some help looking for gear upgrades. i just started gearing my monk and am having a blast nirvana is insane burst and im loving the build.

if anyone could comment and help me look for where i can improve or what stats to look for. ive sold some of the alt toons gear so i have a 3bil budget and am looking to get a good mix of EHP while breaking that 200k dps mark.

im not so concerned with paper DPS so if there is a more efficient way to build a monk (ie stat sticking offhands) then im open to that option as well. however id rather not go with an EF i currently have one that im using for higher mp instead of my sword and it has 3% ls but i hate the idea behind them and want to break away from it.

any help is appreciated just not Rii's i couldnt care for glass cannon Epeen BS.
You should listen to Rii comments on gearing, then do the exact opposite.

With regards to gearing, you just need to keep searching AH. Your budget of 3B is good, although it can easily be spent on 2 items, even 1 if you buy gear from d2jsp. Let us know what playstyle you want (DW, 2H or s/b). If you've settled on DW, then absent an EF as a weapon, rings/amulet that have xx-xx damage will boost your DPS nicely, although those items with good stats are not cheap.

All in all, monk looks fine.

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