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I have had the games pre-ordered for about 3-4 months now, i went in to gamestop today and asked about the 10 dollars back and they looked at me like i was stupid. Is there a mail in rebate or do i just get the 10 well 20 since i have it down for both.
went back in today still nothing from my gamestop, so should i just go to amazon before promotion ends?
yeah im not sure... my local ebgames/gamestop does not know about this promotion.
On Amazon it says offer is valid through July 27th midnight. That is where I ordered mine yesterday, but you won't get it on release day. I did the free shipping because I am cheap and it will take like a week after the release for me to get it.
I called gamestop customer service and after an hour of hold please, let me ask, i got the answer if you preorder you must pay thre60 but at the release you will get 10 back. It's very weird but there it is hope this helps you guys too.
Amazon are flatout giving $10 off the preorder price(Until the 27th) and it is backdated to anyone who has already preordered.

GameStop is a little weird. If you look here:

It seems you get a coupon when you preorder and thats how you get your $10 off. It may be an online only offer, the only way to know would be to contact Gamestop. But they also have backdated it.
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