Need help on what to work on.

Hey everyone just lvl'd a barb to 60 and I am having trouble doing mp5ish.

I got pretty low hp/AR but what else should I work on? I'd like some advice from the community

The 2 glaring issues I see is No Life Steal and only 12% MS.
You need ar and vit something fierce.

start crafting vit shoulders ASAP. Don't stop until you get one with double vit and ar, or vit life% and ar.

Your chest could have 200+ vit on it.

Your innas could have 50-70 vit for pretty cheap if you lose about 15-20 str on them.

And as was mentioned you will want more move speed. You will either want to get this on your boots, or forego eventually crafting bracers and get lacunis.

Need life steal. If you get lacunis, you can drop your witching hour for an ik belt(assuming you need that attack speed for a breakpoint. I'm on my phone and its too much work to figure it out). This will also help with your ar issue.

Your dps is way too high to perma wrath on mp 5, but I doubt you can survive anything higher. Work on that survivability and you'll be doing mp 8 easy.

You've done the ole gear yourself into a corner to push dps, and now you've got quite a bit of work to fix it.

Finally, the easiest and one of the most important changes you can make.. SWITCH YOUR WEAPONS AROUND. Your mace has higher average damage on it, so you will be doing MORE tdps, and cut the fear procs to a tiny fraction.

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