Need some advice

Ok so guys i've geared my cm wizard up already and i'm MP10 capable. The problem is that it takes too long to kill the mobs there here is my wizard any advice ? What gear should i change ? :) Thanks guys any help is appreciated
you could try socket chant wands with 1.64 - 1.65
If you can survive, go with Storm Armor/Shocking Aspect. Also a Zuni boot and Pox ring combo would help. Trifecta Pox rings are 2bees though.
07/23/2013 03:12 AMPosted by Spox
cm wizard up already and i'm MP10 capable

go go force weapon =p

switch that out for just about anything else and re-assess capable

160kdps 55+cc with prismatic armor would mean considerable kill time needed for anything
Thanks for the advice, i think i'll try the zuni boots and pox ring ! Maybe a chato with socket :) ?
Higher ave dmg source,socketed wand with marquise emerald,cd on amu and gloves..oh why am I here again I just noticed.. :D

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