todays patch made game unplayable!

Technical Support
LAg like I've never seen before - frozen screen, lock ups... all happening right after maintenance today.

What did you do? Seriously...hotfix this.
There was no patch today. Just normal server maintenance. I just checked to be sure and there was no download when I started the game client. Any issues you experience, are not related to changes in the game...seeing as the game did not change.
07/23/2013 06:59 PMPosted by MissCheetah
There was no patch today.

thats correct. there hasnt been a hotfix or patch in a month.

i would check your windows updates first. ive see a few people complain about windows updates breaking things lately and they just did a restore and things were fine again.

the other things would be hardware, driver, and other software. (pretty much everything right?)

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